Yandy Smith Says Porsha Williams Was Wrong to Fabricate Accusations About Kandi Burruss

In an interview with WetPaint Entertainment, Yandy Smith sat down to promote her book “Babies, Breastfeeding and Boardrooms,” co-written with Kandi Burrus. During the interview, Yandy was asked about Kandi’s on-going feud with Porsha Williams. Porsha took things too far and “hit below the belt,” according to Yandy.

WetPaint Entertainment writes:

While the Harlem native is fully aware that reality show editing can be misleading, she insists that some of Porsha’s accusations, such as Kandi threatening to drug her, are pretty outlandish.

“Talking about somebody’s husband, talking about someone’s child, or you say something illegal about a person and it’s fabricated, that’s a little bit below the belt.”

Yandy, who reportedly now has a home in Atlanta, stood behind Kandi and confirmed she does not have a s*x dungeon in her house.

“For the record, Kandi does not have a s*x dungeon. I know… firsthand.”

Check out the full interview below.

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  1. 5-4-3-2-1…Okay, Yandy, you can’t talk about nothing being fabricated or hitting below the belt.

  2. This broad literally just spent the entire season on LHHNY lying on Erika, hitting below the belt with Samantha and calling someone else’s child a break baby on national television. Yandy needs to shut the f-ck up because she ain’t been sh-t for a while now.

  3. Oh Yandy please. You are the queen of hitting below the belt and fabricating things about people. You and your husband have teamed up to defame his ex because you’re that insecure about your relationship. So hush.

  4. Didn’t this chick just sic her sister and male stylist on Samantha at the reunion? She has no room to talk about anyone hitting below the belt. She’s the queen of that.

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