Remy Ma is Tired of Being Asked About Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Remy Ma issued a few threats on Instagram Live recently.

It’s also pretty apparent that she’s getting tired of being asked about Nicki Minaj too.

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  1. Ain’t this b-tch on probation for shooting that woman in the stomach? She better not let her new fake a-s stans hype her up.

  2. I never thought the day would come where Nicki would actually be more likable than Remy. She’s so gassed up and unlikable now.

    1. I was just thinking this as well, especially after seeing that video. What is the point of being so angry and arguing with people online and then asking them to meet you in person? Just log off and focus on your career, it’s really that simple.

    1. I never liked her and it’s definitely not going to change now. I’ll take Eve or her mediocre rapping any day. Her flow is garbage and Shether was overhyped. Remy sounded like she just read from a sheet of paper the whole song.

  3. She’s tired of being asked about Nicki? Well she better get used to it quick, fast and in a hurry because that’s the only reason people are going to interview her now. This is why she should have never made Shether. Now she will forever be linked to Nicki and being linked to Nicki hasn’t done much for her besides the extra attention she got for a full week.

  4. The funny thing is Remy’s defenders kept saying how much she’s changed and since she’s changed, there’s no reason to hold the fact that she was imprisoned for shooting a black woman in she stomach over her head. Well we can see from this video that she hasn’t changed. She’s still prone to being violent, angry, and very confrontational. Is this what she does on Instagram all day?

  5. She’s a bully. She reminds me of those bitter, hood chicks in high school that were always trying to intimidate the popular, pretty girls all the time. Look at how she’s trying to intimidate Karen Civil. She’s gross. She’s nothing but a walking stereotype and I’m amazed that there are some black women out here pretending she’s any better than Nicki integrity wise. It should be clear as day now to everyone that she lied about Nicki trying to blackball her. Ain’t no way in hell Remy would allow any female to blackball her and not lay hands on her. She’s the real bully and she came for Nicki out of jealousy, nothing else. She’s going to come at the right person one day and get embarrassed.

  6. This woman i losing it. She thought it would be cute to come for Nicki but she can’t handle the consequences of that. It was all good when the internet was kissing her a-s though. I’m cracking up at her literally losing her sh-t over a few negative comments.

  7. I’m not sure who is advising her (maybe Pap) but she needs to rethink some things. She got somewhat of a push from dissing Nicki but if she wants to go to the next level, she needs to chill out with these Instagram threats. It’s a terrible look for her, plus it ain’t a good look for her brand. If she’s not careful, she will end up only being known for going at Nicki and Love & Hip Hop. She’s not playing her cards right.

  8. So she decided to make a diss track about the biggest female rapper out right now, and now she’s tired of talking about it? I mean she was just on Wendy a few weeks ago cheesing and looking dumb in her church clothes. What happened? She should have thought about all this before she ran to the studio in desperation for attention.

  9. So I thought this is what she wanted. She surely did not expect people to stop asking and talking about the diss song and Nicki did she? This what you wanted boo boo.

  10. So she’s gonna try to bully everyone that has some negative sh-t to say? This chick is a fking joke. Being hyped up in jail is one thing but the world will never stop for someone like Remy Ma…..Papoose done told her wrong.

  11. Tired of talking about Nicki but you’re only relevant now because of what you said about Nicki. Oh.

  12. #DEAD at her not being able to handle Nicki’s stans. I guess she’s not so tough unless she has a gun on her.

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