Rob Kardashian Has Some Interesting Words on Dream Kardashian’s Race

Apparently comments Khloe and Rob made about Dream’s race isn’t sitting well with some people.

BET writes:

According to Teen Vogue, in the episode, while discussing his feelings about becoming a new father, Rob revealed that, to him, Dream is strictly an “Armenian baby,” despite her mother, Blac Chyna, being African-American.

“I can’t wait to have an Armenian baby,” he said to his sister, Khloé, when asked if he was scared to become a dad.

When Khloé arguably (and problemtatically) added, “…and probably a little bit Black,” to remind him that she does have a Black mother, he replied, “It’s gonna be an Armenian baby… Let’s not make this a race war.”

Despite both Khloé and Rob’s comments, Dream is definitely half Black and Armenian, as taken from her parents’ respective backgrounds. Sounds like someone needs to to tell Rob the difference between race and nationality.

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  1. Ugh. The hate black people, so of course they don’t want her to identify as black. They only love the appropriation of black culture….

  2. Are we supposed to be surprised? Let’s not forget Kim almost had a heart attack when Rob told her North was going to come out black. These people love black culture but that love doesn’t extend to black people. But these idiotic black men don’t get it.

  3. This is why I don’t understand how they have any black fans. They are very racist but it’s black people watching their shows and defending them the most on the internet.

  4. Chyna was dumb to get caught up with this family. They aren’t really here for black people and they will always view her as inferior. She should have had higher goals in life than becoming a Kardashian. They don’t even want her using their last name.

  5. Between Kendall doing that racist commercial, Khloe’s racist KKK joke and now this, black people really need to wake up!!

  6. Not shocked at all by this bullsh-t. That whole family ain’t sh-t and it’s f-cked up they became famous and wealthy off the backs of black people.

  7. So him and his siblings screw black people for relevance, but they don’t want to acknowledge that their children have black in them? Well alrighty then.

  8. No matter what comes out his ignorant mouth, his daughter will always be half black. He will eventually have to come to terms with that.

  9. It’s honestly really not that serious, your supposed to go by what your father is anyway. It’s the same thing when mixed kids try to claim black so hard.. it’s like no ur white mainly. As mixed as we are it’s doesn’t need to be “you’re mixed with white, it should be your white mixed with black” jus sayin. they do nothing for me but missapropriate our culture

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