Black Ink Crew Recap: Sky Quits + Richard Shamelessly Helps Nikki Attack Woman While Pregnant

Melody spills the tea.

Melody tells the gang that she witnessed Ceaser and Kitty making out.

“There was tongue.” – Melody

She also confirms that after they made out, they drove off together.

Sky stops by Cease’s new place to catch up.

Cease moved out of the place he shared with Dutchess, so Sky stops by to check it out since she stays close by.

“This is so bachelory.” – Sky

Sky then confronts Cease for making out with Kitty.

“All I’m saying is this and this only. Don’t make the same mistakes that you made before.” – Sky

Sky is concerned that Cease could end up finding a Dutchess number two with Kitty. When he tells her that they slept together, it’s clear to Sky that the situation could really become a major problem for the shop.

“All I’m saying is don’t go down the Duthcess road. You create monsters Ceaser.“ – Sky

A-1 drops by the shop to work but Melody isn’t having it.

A-1 is ready to work but since she doesn’t have a client, Melody questions why she’s even there. Melody also confirms that she doesn’t like her because she fought Kitty in the shop previously.

They begin to argue and Melody tells her to get out the shop.

A-1 starts taking off her jacket and challenges Melody to throw hands, and Melody doesn’t back down.

They are broken up by Walt and Young Bae before things get physical.

The gang attends DMX’s birthday party.

Kitty is being flirty with Cease, however, Sky brings a girlfriend (Allison) who also has eyes for Cease. Not to mention, Sky is hoping Cease will take interest in her friend because she doesn’t want another Dutchess situation.

Things start to turn in Sky’s favor, as Cease gives Allison some attention.

Kitty sees Cease getting close to Allison, and she’s heated.

A woman comes to the shop and spills Nikki’s tea.

A woman comes to the shop and tells Richard that Nikki has a habit of having kids and not taking care of them. She also brings out pictures Nikki’s other child and claims she used to be the babysitter.

“She has another kid, She has a two year old that she abandoned.” – The woman to Richard

Richard sends Nikki a text about the woman and Nikki shows up to the shop and immediately attacks the woman on sight.

Security breaks them up and Richard runs up on the woman while she’s being restrained and throws water all over her.

He leaves the shop with Nikki and makes it clear that he doesn’t care about the accusations made about his wife.

Cease thinks it’s out of line for Nikki to be throwing down while she’s pregnant and Walt thinks it was a dumb move for Richard to marry Nikki.

Lalo isn’t happy about Melody trying to become the manger at Black Ink.

Apparently Melody’s partner Lalo isn’t sure she can balance work life with being a new mom. He would actually prefer that she stays home and raises their son as a housewife.

Melody doesn’t understand why he isn’t supporting her since he also manages a tattoo shop.

Things get heated when they argue over the situation and Melody is completely turned off by his beliefs.

Kitty questions Cease about his interactions with Allison.

After Kitty questions what Cease has going on with Allison, he claims they are just friends.

Kitty isn’t buying it and she tells Cease that all his other female friends better just be platonic. This makes him uncomfortable because he’s not ready to settle down. However, he doesn’t challenge her and suggests they leave and have another go at getting frisky.

Cease decides to bring Kitty to 113th to make 125th more upscale.

Since Kitty has really done a lot to bring in more revenue to 125th, Cease wants Kitty to whip the shop into shape.

Sky is frustrated because to her, it’s the Dutchess situation all over again. Since she’s not happy with Kitty’s new power, she taunts Kitty about sleeping with Cease.

“My v*gina is nobody’s business up in here.” – Kitty to Sky

After Kitty fails in trying to train the gang on how to professionally answer the phone and pour champagne (they would rather joke around and make up songs about Kitty sleeping with Cease), Sky walks out of the shop and refuses to be trained.

Cease calls a meeting and Sky decides to be messy.

Cease calls a meeting at a restaurant with the gang and he walks in with Kitty.

When Sky shows up, she shows up with her friend Allison and she confirms that Cease and Allison went on a date recently.

Although things get tense, Cease announces that he’s going to open shops throughout the country. However, he still has some issues that need to be discussed.

He’s upset that Sky walked out while Kitty was trying to train them on answering the phones and pouring champagne.

“Y’all need to respect her like she’s me.” – Cease to the gang

This angers Sky because Cease hasn’t known Kitty that long. After Cease makes it clear that he feels Kitty deserves everyone’s respect, Sky then quits the shop and takes the tablecloth, drinks and plates right along with her.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. This episode was just a mess. But Richard really is trash for pouring water on that woman. How can he be mad at her when Nikki willingly abandoned her child? That’s who he needs to be mad at but he has no problem with what she’s doing because he’s a deadbeat parent as well.

  2. Sky is really getting on my nerves this season. Cease shouldn’t be sleeping with employees but she seems to have a problem when other women refuse to kiss her a-s. That’s why she didn’t like Tiff, that’s always been her issue with Dutchess and now it’s her issue with Kitty.

  3. Someone could tell O Sh*t that Nikki killed somebody and he would be defending that too. And that’s because she is his new addiction. He’s replaced coke with her.

  4. The fact that she fought while pregnant shows that she is a very questionable mother. So for me, it’s completely believable that she abandoned her youngest. This is the same woman who left her other child so she can run behind Richard. Being on TV is that serious to her.

  5. Nikki and oh sh-t is trash! and Sky is the most annoying person on the planet! I swear she has some feelings for Cease and thats why she has a problem with all his woman the way she do. The one minute skys a-s is not being flim the show is much more terrible to watch.

  6. For Nikki to be fighting while she’s pregnant is really messed up. Does she care about any of her kids?

  7. I feel bad for Melody but she has to smarten up. She got knocked up by a man who doesn’t want to get married and now he expects her to quit her career and stay in the house all day. She can do much better and seriously needs to.

  8. Nope I agree with sky, Cesar is doing the same thing he did with Dutch. Everyone there has been there for him and what does he do.He wants everyone to bow down to Kit and only knows her a min. I smell trouble. Besides where did Kit come from any way?

  9. Sky really needs to grow up, she’s too old for this. I will never understand why people think these grown women throwing tantrums is cute and funny. It’s not being “real”, it’s childish as hell.

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