Dutchess Calls Out Sky + Sky Threatens Dutchess

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By: AJ Niles

“Black Ink Crew’s” Dutchess and Sky definitely don’t like each other.

This dislike is now to the point that threats have been made.

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  1. Dutchess should not have gone there but you know what Sky is forever going after somebody. One day, Some day Sky gone try the right one and get her A-s kicked like it was yesterday gossip.

  2. People are always going in on Dutchess but at least we saw her become an entrepreneur. Skyy took her money and bought an a-s and a pair of tits. Kids are supposed to be off limits but with the shots Skyy has taken since that show started she’s lucky Dutchess didn’t go harder.

  3. Sky is always ready to fight. I feel like she really can’t express her frustrations in any other way, and how can you truly grow as a person if you can only revert to one way of handling things? Anyway, Dutchess was foul for what she said.

  4. Dutchess is not a nice person period. She throws out shots then cries victim all the time. Kids are OFF limits! For her to make a dog like that shows to who and what she really is. Sky had no loyalty to Dutchess, she has know Ceasar since kids so her loyalty is with Cease. If anything, Dutch should be mad at Kit because that was worse. But I wish Black Ink had a reunion show. Then Dutch would cry victim as usual and apologize for saying what she said. If you’re not a parent , you would not understand what Sky went through.

  5. Sky is my girl but this season she really came off as a bully. However – Dutchess was dead wrong for involving kids in the beef. Especially since she knows she is not woman enough to say that to Sky’s face. She ran up on plenty of people but with Sky she just cried and used Cease to mend things. She is right though Sky was never her friend – Sky just knew she had to be cool with her for the sake of working at Black Ink…

  6. Well its true. All sky care about is herself. She kept having kids and gave them up, when she got money she used it for plastic surgery, when she had the opurtunity to see them she backed out. Idk why people think giving there kids up for adoption is the best thing for a child, you don’t know what those kids could be going through, the parents could just be keeping those kids for a check who knows…idc how poor I am they are my kids I had them I should be the one taking care of them. but instead she running around naked half the time acting a complete fool! and by the way she can’t fight!

  7. Dutches shouldnt have said sh-t about skys kids. This show aint got sh-t to do with her kids and for that she should get what she got coming to her. Anybody thats a parent is not going to tolerate that period.

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