BFV Recap: Birdman and Toni Take Things to the Next Level + Traci and Tamar Make Peace

Toni continues to moderate the meeting between all of the sisters to see if they can all make peace.

“I don’t know how me calling you stubborn turned into me being a bad mother.” – Tamar to Trina

Tamar feels like it was totally no reason for Trina to take shots at her parenting just because she had some criticisms for her wings.

“You never lost a child before…and then someone calls you a bad mother.” – Tamar

Tamar gets emotional and explains the timing of Trina’s words just made things very hurtful to her. She lost a child and it was tough to hear her sister shade her as a mother.

“I’ve apologize several times…it’s as genuine as I can get because it’s sincere.” – Trina to Tamar

Tamar also apologizes to Trina and Traci for saying anything in the past that may have hurt their feelings.

However, Towanda doesn’t understand why Traci won’t bring up her real issues with Tamar – the fact that Tamar shaded her music on social media.

Trina gets emotional and calls all the sisters out for not keeping in touch enough anymore and telling each other what struggles they are going through.

Traci suggests they start being more positive to each other more and uplift each other with their words more. To be an example, she goes around the room and tells them all the things she loves about them.

“I take everything from my sisters. And it’s all about maturing. It’s all about having our sisterhood back.” – Traci

They all hug it out, and Traci says in a confessional that she didn’t bring up Tamar shading her on social media because she didn’t want to ruin a happy moment between all the sisters.

Trina has a meeting with “Top Shelf” star, Nyesha, to get some advice for her pop up.

Nyesha suggests that Trina has her pop up in a big city instead of a suburb. She also tells her it’s best to have a set menu with dishes that don’t take longer than six minutes to make.

Tamar meets up with her mom and dad at her house to update them about her miscarriage.

Michael tells Tamar that Traci called him recently and told him that the sisters haven’t been getting along.

Tamar confirms they have been basically fighting about chicken.

Tamar also reveals that Trina took shots at her parenting and she reveals to them that she had a miscarriage.

Evelyn is disappointed that Tamar is just now telling her because she thought they had a very close relationship.

“You have a family and your family cares about you. They want to know when you’re going through difficulties like that.” – Michael to Tamar

Tamar says that despite what happened, she and Vince plan to continue trying for another baby.

Vince tells Tamar that Bishop TD Jakes wants her on his new talk show.

Although he specially asked for an appearance by Tamar, she suggests that the entire family goes on together.

Michael spends some time with Toni.

He tells her he enjoyed seeing her on tour, but he questions how she’s doing health wise. She says she’s doing good and her romance with Birdman is a big reason why.

Michael hasn’t met Birdman yet and Toni thinks it’s time that the two men meet.

So she suggests that have all have dinner together.

Tamar and Traci go out for drinks.

Tamar brings up the heated exchange she had with Traci at Trina’s house and she wants to know why Traci is upset with her.

“Sometimes I feel like it’s ok to tell somebody what it is that hurt you.” – Tamar to Traci

“My thing is I said what I had to say. It’s time for us to move on.” – Traci to Tamar

Tamar is still pressing the issue and she offers an apology for ever hurting Traci.

“I appreciate that apology but it took a lot to get that apology.” – Traci

Now that things seem to be peaceful with all the sisters, Tamar says that they need to work together to help their parents make peace with each other.

Michael and Evelyn catch up.

She agrees to meet with him because they do have children together.

Michael asks Evelyn what she feels about Tamar having a another baby and both agree that they are surprised Tamar didn’t share that information with Evelyn.

Michael thinks Tamar and Vince are having another baby to work out their intimacy issues.

The family gets together for dinner and Toni invites Birdman without telling him that Michael will be there.

Birdman shows up briefly, and although things went well with him meeting Michael, he later expresses to Toni that he’s disappointed he met her father that way and wasn’t prepared.

Tamar tells them that they have been invited for the TD Jakes Show but since things were so intense during their last sit down with him, they aren’t sure if it’s a good idea.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I don’t understand Traci. She’s still upset about Tamar shading her on Twitter years ago but when Tamar wants to talk about it, she says she wants to move forward. LOL wut?

  2. Yes, I do too. Evelyn seem shock that Vince wanted another chile as if thats the last thing they should be thinking about amid marital problems.

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