Tamar Braxton Addresses Rumored Fallout with NeNe Leakes

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Tamar Braxton and NeNe Leakes fell out?

Braxton Family Values” star Tamar Braxton knows how to attract the headlines. She’s had drama take place while filming reality television. And sometimes drama goes down away from the cameras. In this case, Tamar has had some explosive moments with former friends. And before Tamar knows it, she’s having a shady exchange on social media for the world to see. Interestingly enough, Tamar’s latest friendship to get attention from the blogs is the one she formed with NeNe Leakes. They seemed to get really close after Gregg Leakes’ passing. And Tamar was not here for people being critical of NeNe’s love life. Months ago, she went public with her romance with Nyonisela Sioh. He owns a custom suit business in Charlotte.

Some people felt like NeNe moved on from Gregg too quickly. And they didn’t think it was a good look for her to post her current boo on her social media accounts.

Tamar would clap back at critics of NeNe’s romance on social media. So it seemed as if the reality stars were thick as thieves. However, fans began to notice a change in NeNe and Tamar’s friendship. They went from being together all of the time to no longer interacting on social media. Then the shade started and folks noticed Tamar no longer follows NeNe on Instagram.

Well, Tamar was asked about this on “The Nightcap with Carlos King.” And she wanted to set the record straight.

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  1. Seriously, who cares? Tamar can be wreckless with what she says and be like “I didn’t say that.” Or you misunderstood her.
    Nene cut her off because she’s not going to have a tennis match on social media with anyone.

  2. Both are reckless with their mouth. Who cares if they fall out with each other. Serious things going on in the world..sheesh. they both need time out and off social media.

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