TI Gets Into It With Tiny’s Friend on Instagram

Photo Credit: ABC/Youtube

By: AJ Niles

T.I. once again is not here for Tiny Harris’ friends coming for him or how he’s treated Tiny in their marriage.

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  1. A hit dog will holler or in this case yelp. Not her fault his guilt is bothering him. Plus, she’s absolutely right. Tired of these wack a-s black men

  2. She’s right though. Don’t act like you’re concerned about black lives when you treat your wife like trash.

  3. Tiny is disgusting. She has two daughters who are watching her every move. Why she allows this man to disrespect her in public and at home is beyond me. Her daughter will go through the same thing

  4. Truth hurts. And I agree with the post..don’t expect respect from others when you don’t respect yourself and your own.

  5. She’s absolutely right. These guys always want to talk about black power and black pride but forget it starts at home with respecting your black wife and family.

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