Richard Duncan Hooked Up With Baby Mama Before Wedding?

This season of “Black Ink Crew” has been unkind to Richard Duncan and his wife Nikki. After their impromptu wedding, Sky and other Black Ink cast members uncovered Nikki’s past marriage and second child. Than a woman named Deanna appeared on the most recent episode, confirming the Tattoo Shop’s suspicions. As viewers of the show know, this leads to a brawl between Nikki, who’s supposedly pregnant, and Richard pouring water on Deanna.

Richard’s defense of the water pouring on Deanna via social media led to him being dragged by black women, to the point where Richard deleted his Twitter account.

Well Deanna’s not done with Richard and Nikki yet. Deanna exposed via Twitter, that Richard hooked up with one of his baby mama’s before his wedding with Nikki.

She then later taunts Richard saying Nikki will be leaving him soon due to his child support payments.

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  1. It’s possible he did. Him and Nikki are both vile and trifling human beings who deserve each other.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past him. But honestly, I don’t care what these deadbeats are doing behind each other’s back. Neither is better than the other and both are trash.

  3. Well then his baby mama is an idiot. Why would you sleep with his bum a-s when he’s not paying child support?

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