As Tiny and Bernice Argue on Social Media, TI Doesn’t Claim Either of Them in Interview

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny and TI’s rumored new boo Bernice Burgos may be going back and forth on social media, but TI isn’t claiming either of them in his latest interview.

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  1. And this is why I always promised myself that I would never fight over a man. When it’s all said and done, you’re only going to look like a fool.

  2. Tiny deserves better but the sad part is she doesn’t seem to understand that. She should have never paid Bernice any attention and instead went forward with the divorce. TI was never marriage material.

  3. They both stupid but Tiny is a certified idiot you still allowing this man to sleep with you after all he’s done and now he not even claiming you. Like bruh how can you not claiming your wife wtf. I’ve been saying for years TI is going to end the marriage before Tiny will.

  4. He doesn’t have to claim Tiny because they are married. She is still his wife. Personally, I don’t think TI want to let her go. I think his feelings and pride got hurt because of the Floyd stuff. As far as Allimony is concerned, I’ll be surprised if he files for divorce so he is not going to worry about no alimony.

  5. UB he doesn’t have to claim Tiny if they aren’t together which they aren’t. He’s single and they’re separated. He’s free to sleep with whoever is willing (Tiny included). Not defending him just saying.

  6. This is so embarrassing for everyone involved and a message to all women- never fight for a man that isn’t fighting for you. But on another note, is this really where we are as a society? People get gigs off of getting surgery and take pics for a app and feeling they are better than people with actual talent, careers and Grammys? LOL. If I were Tiny I could never be pressed about that chick.

  7. He’s been clear about not wanting to be married anymore. Get alimony Tiny and stop arguing with these IG thots.

  8. He’s playing them both and probably sleeping with both. Why not? They’re allowing it because they feel like it’s some kind of competition when he doesn’t even want to be with either of them outside of booty calls. He’s a dog but no one is forcing either one of them to keep dealing with him. And being the wife means nothing if your husband doesn’t even respect you.

    1. Speak! So True! Respect is first before anything and he just said with his own mouth he is a better best friend than a husband. TI is happy with how things are. When you get fed up and leave, make sure its what you really want. When you leave its no going back unless both of you really want to. TI is not pressed because he is happier just being TI by himself. When you don’t stick with your decision to leave. He gets to have his cake and eat it. Now he is having his cake and eating it all over the place. He is married but he says he is not in a relationship with anybody. That phrase speaks volumes right there. HE DONT CLAIM HIS OWN WIFE, POINT BLANK PERIOD. He loves Tiny as a best friend but for him he rather not be married at least not right now. Tiny needs to stick with her decision and keep it moving. She should get back with ESCAPE and get her an upgrade. Call Floyd or whomever she like. This man right here is happy the way things are. They will always be family but just not Man and Wife. THE END. LOL

  9. You cannot make this foolishness up even if you wanted to. I really hope Tiny shocks everyone and stops dealing with him. I mean actually serve him divorce papers, stop sleeping with him and when she’s ready to date again, end up with a richer and better dude than Tip. He would lose his mind if she did all of this.

    1. I don’t think he would lose his mind. TI is confident in what he brings to the table in terms of money. I think he will take his freedom over her being with someone knew, even if he is richer. TI don’t want to be married anymore. I think if he does, it will be to a boss. I think TI will upgrade. He is all about a new life without Tiny. She just don’t want to let it go. She is 5 years older and he knows that. He is just not that into her anymore like that, if he ever was. She will always be his best friend. He said if with his own mouth. When a man rather be your best friend than your husband, then you need to see him later. Tell that man to eat your dust! Tiny it is over. Its sad but you will get over him also. I think both will be happier in the end. Kids make it harder but at least Heiress wont grow up to miss the two together. I would upgrade but I would not worry or be concern about him. I would just do me and make sure I am happy and my kids are happy. That is it. Next!

  10. Sad just sad, Tiny should just let go in the long run he’s doing her a favor. Tiny deserves a man not a kid. So she should just move on. Just by the amount of kids he has says who is..

  11. These to two have wasted too many years already. Just be done with it. They had great times, they have great kids. Continuing on sleeping together is just hurting the situation more. Tiny need to have respect for her marriage and move on. If she is no longer living with the man then she should not be sleeping with him. Its like they are in competition and neither of them are winning. Tiny says TI is lying to her but isn’t he lying to Tiny. All of them are like sleeping with each other or not or with other people who knows? When a man moves out of your house with you he could be in anyone’s bed. Truth! END THIS GAME NOW AND STOP PLAYING WITH THE INSTITUION OF MARRIAGE.

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