Tiny’s Friend Responds to TI Calling Marriage a ‘Distraction’

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been keeping tabs on TI and Tiny’s troubled marriage, then you already know that social media has been buzzing plenty about the rapper’s latest interview with Angie Martinez.

Just about everyone has an opinion, even Tiny’s close friends.

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      1. This. And for this fact alone, it’s getting really hard for me to feel bad for her. It’s not like people haven’t been trying to tell her things would turn out this way for years. I know it can be tough when you love someone, but self love really is the best love. If Tiny loved herself, she would have left a very long time ago.

  1. This is why being a ride or die chick is so overrated. You can give man the best years of your life, and it doesn’t mean things will work out. He could very well still dog you out.

  2. Sadly there are a lot of women like Tiny in the world. Refusing to let go of toxic relationships and then eventually, the man is the one to pull the plug. Funny how that works out.

  3. Tiny’s friends have more sense than she does. She’s going to wish she listened to them if she doesn’t already.

  4. It’s sad that women get brainwashed into thinking they need to be so loyal to these selfish men. But please believe karma is real.

  5. How is Tiny a distraction when he’s the one who made her give up her career? Hell he’s the distraction and a setback!

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