Jackie Christie’s Daughter Takari Lee Sets the Record Straight + Praises Evelyn Lozada

During the season premiere of “Basketball Wives,” Jackie Christie constantly reiterated how she is pissed with Evelyn Lozada. The cause of Jackie’s disdain with Evelyn goes back to Evelyn donating to Takari Lee’s Go Fund Me campaign to help her badly burned son.

Jackie was able to confront Evelyn at Shaunie’s party, explaining how Takari just had to call for help if she needed it.

Evelyn wasn’t buying it and neither is Takari.

Takari Lee, who is writing a book about growing up with Jackie Christie as a mother, through a long explanation on Twitter, further explained her side of the story. She also expressed gratitude to Evelyn for donating to the fund, which was used to help out her badly burned son.

Check out the tweets below (from bottom to top).

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  1. You reap what you sow. Jackie thought she could get away with the lies she told but the truth always comes out.

  2. It”s two sides to every story and shes a bit to anxious to tell hers, I’m no Jackie fan but I think her daughter has jus as many skeletons as her mother and probably just a big of liar

    1. Takari very well may have skeletons….who don’t. But what gives credibility to Takari is that in one of the earlier season’s of BMW, Jackie’s daughter, Chani, spoke of how jackie treated Takari different from her & doggie making comments about Takari’s complexion & her weight. Telling Chani how beautiful she is, in front of her sister. There are two sides to every story but in this case I’m gonna believe Chang. Jackie aint sh-t & Doug is a lil B*$#h!

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