Kitty and Sky Take Shots at Dutchess + Kitty Calls Out ‘Black Ink Crew’ Producers

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

“Black Ink Crew” cast members Kitty and Sky took turns calling out Dutchess via Instagram Live. Kit also took shots at show producers for how they made her look thirsty for “dating” Ceaser.

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  1. If Kitt is telling people the show is fake I guess she isn’t trying to come back next season. Mess.

  2. If you are willing to pretend to be smashing someone just for a storyline and the producers told you to do so, then yes you’re thirsty.

    1. Exactly. And for all we know, he probably makes more money than Kitt and Sky do from the show. I doubt they make that much.

  3. On some real sh-t, I’m supposed to believe that Sky and Kitty wouldn’t be willing to hop on practice squad d-ck if given the chance? Especially when one is kissing Cease’s bum a-s in the mouth for a check? Bullsh-t.

  4. I guess Cease is trying to be the male version of Mona Scott Young. Instead of actually opening up and running successful tattoo shops, he’s trying to have all these scripted spinoffs in multiple cities.

  5. This is not a good look for the show. I won’t be surprised if she gets fired for running her mouth. You’re not supposed to confirm the show is scripted.

  6. Dutchess is the only one besides Cease who took this staged reality show and started a legit hustle. So they can throw shade all day long about her dating Zach, but she’s going to be straight with or without him and Cease. What are they going to do when the show’s done? Nether one of them have an actual business outside of Black Ink appearances.

  7. And Dutchess is still winning. Her shop is thriving and she will be just fine if she doesn’t film ever again. Can they say the same?

  8. But didn’t Dutchess say she tried to get Cease to walk away from the show? At the end of the day she’s recognized the scripted bs wasn’t for her and walked away. None of their bum a-ses can say the same.

  9. So nobody going to say nothing about dutchess playing victim always talking crazy about people in the confessional ? She always talking about Cesar like she didn’t work for him at the same business she slandering now. We all know Cesar helped her start her shop now she think Cesar owe her half of black ink she is clearly a damn nut

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