1. I’m not surprised she’s the one being messy on Instagram. I remember when she said TI only cares about his kids with Tiny on Instagram.

  2. She needs to sit her little a-s down somewhere. There is no need for her to be disrespectful to Tiny.

  3. TI needs to check his daughter but then again, he never respected Tiny so this is why she felt conformable enough to like the picture.

  4. Quick question, what does Bernice have to offer the world besides her body and good looks? It seems as if all she does is take pictures of herself all day.

  5. I hope she liked the picture on accident because as a child, she really needs to stay out of all of this.

  6. She’s always been messy though. So this like doesn’t surprise me. TI needs to figure out why she feels like he only cares about the kids he had with Tiny.

  7. Well he hasn’t checked Bernice for coming at Tiny sideways so I can’t be shocked that his daughter is being shady too.

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