Tiny Talks Open Marriage Rumors, TI & Bernice + Fallout with Tamar

When it comes to her marriage to TI, it’s been rumored for years that Tiny agreed to having an open marriage and that’s why things haven’t worked out.

When asked if they did have an open marriage, Tiny tells Wendy:

“No, it’s not an agreement. We just were married and we did what we wanted to do.”

She also claims that despite the rumors, Bernice Burgos is not the cause of their demise:

“No, he’s not even with her first of all. And she had nothing to do with whatever we have going on anyway. It was already…we were already going through whatever we’re going through. She just came in the picture after I filed for divorce.

“The only problem I have with her…I said what I said…the comment on my page…I said what I said, she replied, cool. But then you come back with another video speaking on my marriage, which is a no no. And then you come back with the final video singing my song. Now I’m feeling like, ‘now you keep coming.’”

Wendy then asks Tiny if TI ever checked Bernice for being messy on social media and Tiny says he has. She also claims that she had to check the rapper as well because she feels like women who aren’t the “mains” should be quiet and stay in their place.

On Floyd Mayweather, Tiny says:

“We’re friends, it’s never been anything extra with me and Floyd. Never. I’ve been knowing Floyd for a long time. He’s a nice looking man, but it’s never been anything but a friendship. Honestly.”

She also threw a little shade when Wendy called her out for hanging out with Floyd at Mariah’s party as a married woman and reminded Wendy that TI was acting up at the time:

“If he was doing the right thing, I wouldn’t have been at Mariah’s party.”

As far as that infamous video of her and Floyd dancing, she claims she was dancing first and Floyd came up behind her.

On her troubled friendship with Tamar Braxton, Tiny claims she’s open to them making peace:

“I’m always going to consider Tamar a good friend of mine. She’s like family.”

Tiny says that her mother only clapped back at Tamar on Instagram out of frustration, since they haven’t talked in a good minute. But she can’t control her mother’s behavior.

Check out the interview below:

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  1. It sounds like Tiny is finally starting to face reality. The marriage is over and yes, their foundation is exactly why things turned out the way they did. Open marriages are dangerous. It’s hard enough having a closed marriage but adding other people can create a lot more problems.

    1. Someone needs to remind Kandi’s dumba-s of this fact. She’s thinks Marvin isn’t gonna cheat on her because she gives him permission. I give her one more good year before sh-t hits the fan.

  2. I’m sure Bernice is loving all this attention since she’s such a thirst bucket. For her, being talked about on Wendy Williams is making it big.

  3. At least Zonnique has enough sense to stay out of TI and Tiny’s marriage. Deyjah could learn a thing or two.

  4. Ok so… I’m glad she did this interview. Now o can stop looking down my nose at TI and feeling for Tiny. I appreciate her honesty but she sounds stupid. I haven’t heard “main” since I was in like middle school. People’s measure of relevance is so low.

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