Underground Recap: Clara Sets up Ernestine + Rosalee and Noah’s Return to the Big House Goes Bad

Daniel begins teaching other slaves how to read.

While teaching the other slaves and his daughter how to read, they are caught and beaten. Luckily, his daughter is able to get away.

Patty tortures Cato.

As promised, Patty has moved into Cato’s house and she has her group of men torture him and she taunts

He is subjected to water boarding, and his hair and even eyebrows are shaven off in an attempt to break him down. She wants him to work for her. She will sell him and his girlfriend Devi into slavery if he refuses.

“How much is she worth to you?” – Patty to Cato

Patty essentially wants Cato to go out and capture former black slaves who are now free men and women, and sell them back into slavery. She feels he’s perfect for her plan because he looks like one of them, so they will trust him.

Cato decides to get 30 slaves in exchange for he and Devi’s safety.

Clara is using her “relationship” with Master Matthew to get even with Ernestine and Hicks.

Overseers are now searching for opiates on the plantation and punishing any slave they catch with it. Apparently during some “pillow talk,” Clara informed Master Matthew about how slaves are getting high off opiates, and she did so with the intentions to take down Ernestine and Hicks.

Ernestine has been successful in hiding her addiction, but Hicks isn’t so lucky and he is badly beaten when he is caught with it. An overseer even puts a cage on his head to cause more suffering and shame.

Rosalee and Noah go back to get Ernestine and James but realize something isn’t right.

When Rosalee and Noah see that another house slave appears to have taken Ernestine’s former spot at the big house, Noah decides to reach out to field slave, Cora.

Cora informs them that Ernestine has been sold off and James is living in the big house and essentially being treated as one of the mistress’ biological children – a promise she made to Ernestine after informing her that she was being sold to another plantation during the conclusion of season one.

They remember their deceased master used to record slave sales in a book, and it’s possible that the mistress recorded Ernestine’s location in it.

Noah will go locate the book, while Rosalee will go get her brother James.

Clara threatens Ernestine.

Clara tells Ernestine that Hicks getting beaten and embarrassed the other day isn’t enough. She wants him dead and she tells Ernestine to make  a poison to get the task done.

Ernestine tries to talk her out of it but Clara tells her that she won’t help her get off the plantation if she refuses.

It is clear that Clara is drunk with power, as she barks down her orders and threats at Ernestine while having other slaves serve her.

“This feel like freedom to you, but it ain’t.” – Ernestine to Clara

Clara tells Ernestine that she taught her how to be one step ahead of everyone else, and she hasn’t forgotten her role in her baby’s death.

She also accuses Ernestine of putting poison in her drink, but Ernestine didn’t and she tells her it’s just lemon and thyme.

“You’re owed blood. But you can’t have mine.” – Ernestine to Clara

Cato finds his first victim.

Cato successfully lures in a freed black man and attacks him in the bathroom after he lets his guard down. He then hands him over to Patty’s man so she can be sold into slavery.

When he tells Devi what he’s doing for Patty in exchange for their safety, Devi lets him know that she thinks he’s a bad man to agree to do something like that to his own people.

“You need it to justify all the bad things that you do when the truth is, you’re just a bad man.” – Devi to Cato

Devi refuses to be responsible for the enslavement of freed men and women, so she decides to sacrifice herself by allowing Patty and her men to sell her into slavery.

Now that Devi and his first victim will be sold, Cato, like the episode title, has 28 more freed men and women to capture to ensure his own protection.

Clara sets up Ernestine.

After her heated conversation with Ernestine, Clara is now out for blood.

In an attempt to get even, she tells Master Matthew that Ernestine stole a bottle of his liquor and she’s been getting high off opiates.

He sends his men to go find Ernestine and give her the same treatment Hicks received, but when they get there, Ernestine is gone.

Turns out she took a bottle of liquor and sold it to a boat captain in exchange for a ride to the mainland. Unfortunately, she runs into August not too long after, so it’s assumed her freedom didn’t last long.

Rosalee gets into trouble.

She finds James sleeping and he looks surprised to see her. However, when Rosalee tells him that she’s taking him with her, he immediately begins screaming for help. He clearly doesn’t want to give up his life in the big house, especially since the mistress told him he’s getting a new pony for Christmas.

She is then captured by the overseer who attempted to rape her in season one, Bill. Meanwhile, Noah is able to successful snatch the book before retreating to locate Rosalee.

Bill tells Rosalee he’s been praying to see her again because he never got over how she almost killed him.

She reveals to him that she’s pregnant and shows her baby bump before he burns her face and brands her as a runaway.

Noah watches in horror from a distance with his gun in his hand.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Very good episode. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time. I hope everyone (Noahlee, Cato, Daniel and Ernestine) makes it out the season alive.

  2. I really hate that Rosalee waited until the last minute to let him know she was pregnant. I don’t understand her at times.

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