Fix My Life Recap: Iyanla Gets Neffe Together + Are Soullow and Neffe Still Getting a Divorce?

Photo Credit: OWN

By: AJ Niles

In part two of  Neffe and Shelby’s appearance on “Fix My Life,” Iyanla and Neffe clashed something serious, but Shelby made a lot of progress.

Here’s a recap of “Broken Reality: Neffe & Soullow (Part 2).”

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  1. Sounds like he’s not still trying to get a divorce. Honestly, it really seems like to me that Neffe doesn’t really want to change. And as long as she doesn’t, their marriage will be a mess.

  2. Shelby reminds me of a post traumatic stress victim. The heart attack was a huge wake up call and neither he nor Neffi seem to understand the magnitude of that. Neffi seems to have a monster inside of her that she has no clue of how to get rid of. I think the monster tries to break through to get out once in a while and she drinks it back down. I don’t think she’s capable of changing yet and won’t be in the near future. She’s the kind of woman who will kill somebody during a rageful blackout and wonder what happened later. Run, Shelby, run!

  3. I know this was posted in 2017 but I just watched the last episode. I am not surprised they are divorcing. Iyanla called her right…vile nasty b. No man can put up with that. He is better off. All comers should proceed with caution if they are going to get wit Neffie. I say hit it and quit it.

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