1. Absolutely nothing. I would say she’s comedic relief, but she’s more pathetic than funny so…

  1. It’s amazing how pressed Dutchess keeps people. She hasn’t said anything about Donna in a long time but Donna couldn’t wait to talk about her. She needs to move on. They fell out an entire season ago.

  2. You have to have money to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Donna can’t even keep her fake job at Black Ink. She ain’t gonna do sh-t.

    1. And did you see that apartment that her and that one tooth dude was living in?? Oh no I’d rather sleep in my car. My automatic door locks lookers secure than the ones on Her door.

  3. I forgot about that whole storyline. Anyway, I guess the theme this season is for everyone to go at Dutchess. Lame.

  4. I really don’t understand why y’all like Dutchess on here. She’s annoying and pretentious imo.

  5. I guess Donna can really Tat, and they want to have her as the under dog. Lol ever try tatooing? It’s a talent. Sooo that’s why she’s still on the show.

  6. Donna can’t tattoo and that was proven on the episode she did that ugly a-s piano tat. Talent she does not have. She’s still on the show because she will take pennies per season and has low self esteem. She’s embarrassing as hell and cringeworthy. I don’t like Dutchess but at least she was smart and talented enough to get her own shop. That’s really why these birds keep coming for her. They are jealous that she has her own and they have to embarrass themselves on camera to keep the checks coming.

  7. The fact that she’s commenting on something that was written like a week ago shows how much she just wants attention.

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