BFV Recap: Tamar Frustrates Her Sisters + Towanda Believes Evelyn May Never Get over Divorce

The sisters discuss their emotional sit-down with Michael and Miss Wanda.

“But what had made you invite her though?” – Tamar to Toni

Toni stands by her decision of inviting Michael and Miss Wanda to a restaurant to talk everything out, and she says she felt it was the only way to finally get answers about everything that transpired over the years.

Trina is still coming to terms with the fact that most of the pain Michael caused her and her siblings was his choice alone, and not Wanda’s. In fact, Michael revealed that he was the one that decided not to show up to her wedding.

While Michael may have made his own choices, the sisters still question if Wanda could have talked sense into Michael and convinced him to do right by his children. Traci on the overhand feels it’s important to be respectful to Wanda regardless.

“I don’t know anything about my sisters and Miss Wanda, but I’m going to respect her because that’s who my father chose to marry.” – Traci

Toni understands that the situation is hurtful for everyone, but it’s time for everyone to forgive each other and move forward.

“I ain’t ready. So you gotta bring your a*s by yourself.” – Tamar

Tamar is planning a get together for Vince’s birthday but she doesn’t want to invite Miss Wanda.

Trina, Towanda and Traci go zip lining.

Trina has a little crush on the instructor and Towanda is excited to finally do something she’s always wanted to do.

They discuss the fact that Tamar is planning a birthday celebration for Vince and Logan is also in Mexico when no one else brought their kids on the trip. It just doesn’t seem fair to them that Logan and Vince are in Mexico when the agreement was it was just supposed to be the sisters plus Evelyn and Michael.

“I think it’s extremely selfish for Tamar to invite her husband Vince here for a birthday party because that’s not what we’re here for.” – Towanda

Tamar and Michael hash it out.

Tamar tells Michael that she had an emotional outburst the other night because she was in shock that his hurtful choices over the years were not influenced or made by Miss Wanda.

Things get intense when Tamar tells him she’s not comfortable inviting Wanda to Vince’s birthday celebration.

“You can’t give people a ray of hope?” – Michael to Tamar

“I don’t feel like my Dad has to come with a package deal. I don’t feel that way.” – Tamar

Although Michael is frustrated that Wanda is not getting an invite, he can appreciate that Tamar wants to work towards getting comfortable enough to start inviting Wanda to family events.

The sisters don’t show up to Vince’s birthday celebration.

“I don’t know where my sisters are. They were invited.” – Tamar

Although she’s not sure why none of her siblings showed up, Tamar doesn’t let it get to her because Vince’s close friends were in attendance and he had a good time.

Surprise guests include Michael and Vince’s brother. Michael makes everyone emotional when he talks about how close he is to Vince and how he sees him as another son.

Tamar even made sure there were fireworks. They end the party with a passionate kiss.

Traci and Michael catch up after returning from Mexico.

Michael explains that he feels it’s not fair that Wanda wasn’t invited to Mexico when Tamar brought Logan and Vince.

He also says he didn’t mean to make Evelyn leave and he just wishes everyone could forgive each other and move on from the past.

Evelyn says she has cooled off about Michael and Wanda showing up in Mexico but Towanda isn’t buying it.

Evelyn feels like Michael and Wanda must be miserable since they showed up on the family trip.

“They feel left out, so they fighting for a place that they feel is there.” – Evelyn to Towanda and Trina

Although Towanda is hearing her mother out, she is starting to feel like Evelyn may never move on from her messy split with Michael.

“I think that there’s some residue and pain for Mommy…I think maybe she will never get over it.” – Towanda


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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    1. But she needs to though. Nothing good comes from bitterness. She’s keeping herself from living a peaceful and happy life. She was projecting when she said Wanda and Michael must be miserable, no boo, you’re miserable.

      1. Those are her kids. She is right, Wanda does not need to be there. They did not invite her. That was her trip with her kids. Wanda should have stayed home, but her husband probably didnt tell her the truth, that they did not want her

          1. Micheal has moved on. Why invite him and not his wife. His kids should except it or don’t invite him on family trips, gathering, or vacations. If they want to do things with their father then it should be done separate from Evelyn. The whole situation is dysfunctional. At some point we all have to forgive and move forward. Don’t give anyone power over your feelings.

  1. I feel there’s a lot of pain in Miss Evelyn’s generation. Men in those days would leave and have a family 6 blocks away. I also think she has a issue with him leaving and then coming back once all the hard work is done. Anyway it’s a messed up situation for everyone

  2. The only way Evelyn will get over what Michael did is if she fell in love with another man. Just like Bey’s momma, Miss Tina. That’s what it will have to take.

  3. Is it me? are was it just that most of the men at Vince’s party were Gay, and that’s the company he has around him. Not saying anything is wrong with it IJS.

  4. I feel sorry for the new wife. Although the way they got together was not good and hurtful; it’s been many years since that occurred. At some point you have to move on.. forgive and forget. I understand why Evelyn is hurt. she still feels betrayed and the fact that Michael told her he was in love with Wanda has her feeling super hurt. As if she wasn’t good enough. However, they can’t continue to exclude Wanda from the events bc that’s mean and spiteful. She’s his wife and deserves to be there too.

  5. When a man disrespects a woman in the way Michael disrespected his wife there is no make it alright! It was as if he beat her to a bloody pulp, spat on her or threw out of a moving car. This man bragged about his side piece “crying in therapy” leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves. And Wanda the phonies of them all! She don’t want to hurt nobody wow what do you cas when you sleep with a married man “pain, hurt” the family gets torn apart!! How do she feel comfortable looking at the children she caused pain now she wants to talk with the wife gtfoh. If Ms.. E was my mom they both would have stayed their a— home!! If you don’t understand why she don’t want that a whole of a man and his piece around her have it happen to you then talk. Pro Ms.

  6. I think Ms. Evelyn is holding onto that he will come back to her. He really displays love for new wife so Evelyn needs to move on. Ms. Wanda needs to stay away as it all went down so ugly. Yet Wanda is a soft and delicate woman it seems so she’ll do what she’s told to do .I think common sense should tell her to stay away. I can’t take Toni and Tamar so anything they say is of no value to me. Tamar is so fake and Toni is self centered. They still let it be known that they’d rather do without Ugly Vince tough.

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