Cardi B Says Other Rappers Are Trying to Hurt Her Music Career

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Cardi B released a new rant and this time she’s accusing other artists of being fake and trying to hurt her music career.

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    1. Agreed. And it’s getting annoying. She just needs to focus on her career and stop venting about every single thing she doesn’t like. The industry is very political. You need thick skin to make it. And right now, she just seems to sensitive to last.

  1. I hope Nicki isn’t shading Cardi because Cardi hasn’t done anything to her. Unlike Remy, Cardi just does her and doesn’t bother anyone.

    1. Cardi was lokey shading Nicki too when all that Remy v. Nicki stuff was going on. She was posting the song and beef all on her page…co-signing. She probably should have stayed out the middle and said nothing and do nothing.

  2. For someone that wanted to be part of the industry so bad she complains about it a lot. Gotta gave thicker skin, no one cares if you’re feelings are hurt.

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