Brandy Continues to Take Shots at Ex Fiance Ryan Press

Brandy has been calling out her ex Ryan Press as of late.

Recently at a concert during her performance, she let Ryan Press have it, accusing him of cheating, stealing from her and being a leech. During a portion of a song she was singing, she changed the lyrics, and sang the following:

You stole from me.
You lied to me.
You cheated on me.
You turned around on me.
Then you rebound… Broke b****.

She then later found the recording and posted it to her Instagram page and posted the following caption:

How Brave can you be #Brannie ? Tell the f***In truth and it will continue to set you free. This was #Brave
@talldc you are a true supporter in my life. Thank you for seeing me as I am.

And not too long ago, Brandy even shaded the engagement ring Ryna gave her too.

Check out the posts below, including the comment about her engagement ring from Ryan, captured by Entertainment For Breakfast:

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  1. I thought Brandy was dating that Gospel singer? If so, she shouldn’t be concerned about what Ryan is doing.

  2. Brandy is the type of person who doesn’t know how to let anything go. You can’t live a peaceful life like that. Someone close to her needs to be honest and let her know this isn’t hurting Ryan. He’s moved on. She needs to do the same.

  3. I know she calls herself not taking anyone’s BS anymore but she’s really disappointing now.

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