Robyn Dixon Calls out Ashley Darby

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

By: A.J. Niles

“Real Housewives of Potomac’s” Robyn Dixon has some words for Ashley Darby.

According to Robyn, Ashley is doing whatever she can to stir the pot for the show.

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  1. I love Robyn, but she’s In denial, she didn’t like Ike what Ashley said, no matter how, it would’ve Been a reminder that she’s being stupid by playing house with her ex.

  2. Robyn is so damn delusional. Like Ashley or not, she said the truth. And Juan confirmed it to the producer. She sounds like a fool.

  3. She just refuses to be honest about the situation she has with Juan. He has checked out and he doesn’t want to continue the strange arrangement that they have anymore. It’s time for Robyn to let him go and focus on herself and her kids for a while.

  4. Juan just told a producer he wants to be with someone else and she’s going at Ashley? Girl get it together.

  5. Some women just refuse to wake up and see things for what they are. Ashley lacks maturity about a lot of things but she was right about Juan. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who the messenger is if they said the truth.

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