Angela Stanton Takes Shots at Apollo Nida + Feels Vindicated Amid Phaedra Parks’ Backlash

Angela Stanton and Phaedra Parks have a very deep, and scandalous history. Stanton, who wrote books about their alleged past, recently had an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the interview, Angela let it be known that the way Phaedra’s dirt came out during the RHOA reunion is fitting. In Angela’s opinion, Phaedra’s been slinging dirt and doing shady things for years, including dirt with her ex-husband Apollo Nida.

She still believes that Phaedra was the mastermind behind Apollo’s crimes.

The AJC writes:

Stanton grew up without much and got into crime out of desperation. She said Parks befriended her and made her feel special. “The book is not about blaming Phaedra. It’s about my life and making bad choices. She just made things bigger.”

“When I first met Phaedra, I was drawn to her,” Stanton continued. “We had two totally different lives. I was from the streets. I was poor. I didn’t have anything. She was a successful attorney and seemed interested in me getting my life back on track. She was someone I admired, someone I looked up to. I loved her because I didn’t think anybody else thought I was important enough to help me get my life together. Back then, I didn’t know she was using me. I didn’t know the law. I thought she was the law.”

When the feds arrested Nida and Stanton for racketeering in 2004, Parks had covered her own tracks and came out clean. Stanton had Parks represent her, then realized she became the fall guy, landing her in prison for five years.

She believes Parks married Nida in 2009 after he got out of prison to keep him from spilling the beans on her. When Stanton was released from prison around the same time with $25 and a bus ticket, she lived in a shelter and struggled to piece her life back together. While Parks clearly helped out Nida, she didn’t lift a finger for Stanton. Instead, Stanton – after seeing Parks join the show – said she became her own private investigator and pieced together material for her book.

Not long after Stanton’s book came out, Nida was arrested by the Feds for bank fraud and identity theft and received eight years in prison. Again, Parks claimed she had no idea what Nida was up to and did not get charged.

Last year, Parks filed papers to divorce Nida using fake names. Her publicist told me this was to keep it away from the gossip pages, but Nida protested. A judge earlier this year threw that divorce so they have to start over. “He wants half of everything,” Stanton said. “He feels entitled.” At the same time, she believes Nida will turn on her eventually.

Stanton thinks Parks was behind all the white-collar scams Nida was accused of masterminding. “Apollo has a sixth-grade education,” she said. “He wasn’t smart enough to pull off all these schemes himself.”

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  1. Girl get over it already! No one held a gun to your head and forced you to do anything. A victim you are not. And I don’t even like Phaedra.

  2. And what level of education does Angela have if she’s letting another grown woman “manipulate” her into committing crimes?

  3. LOL. If Phaedra really was fired, it may be time for Angela to find a new hustle and something else to talk about.

  4. You are a grown woman stop trying 2 put your mess on MS.PARK damn she wasn’t with u your whole life it was always in you and still is go have a seat leave that woman alone

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