Invite Only Cabo Recap: Agu Gets Second Chance with Kamani + Kamani Has Major Scare

Photo Credit: We tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Invite Only Cabo,”Larry and Bianca’s complicated relationship got even more complicated, while Kamani had a major scare.

Here’s a recap of “Blame It on the Alcohol.”

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  1. Kamani is on Twitter, so it seems we can confirm that she’s alive. That was a very nasty spill. I hope there weren’t any long-term injuries sustained.

    Bianca is unrealistic. Unless Larry is saying and doing things the audience has missed, she is reading a lot into his small acts of interest. He kissed her a few times and flirts with her. Where did marriage come into the picture?!

    Agu is done. He needs to leave Kamani alone. If a man can’t even act right for two days while you’re sleeping down the hall, it’s a wrap. That’s when he’s supposed to be on his best “let-me-impress-her” behavior. Instead, he’s cavorting around with other women, and it just happens to be one Kamani doesn’t even like. SMH.

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