Laura Govan Talks More About Gloria Govan Allegedly Sleeping with Gilbert Arenas

Laura Govan told Iyanla Vanzant that Gloria Govan slept with her ex Gilbert Arenas, and she was upset with her parents because they refuse to believe Gloria would do that.

In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Laura explains why she feels her sister did her dirty and gives an update on what her parents think now:

On her remarks concerning her issues with her sister, Gloria Govan:

“I haven’t spoken about them [issues] so much, in honesty.”

One of the issues she had with her sister:

“She stayed with him in my house in DC for 3 days when I wasn’t there – things like that. There was a lot going on.”

In that situation, if she gave her sister permission to stay at their home while she was away:

“You think I’m going to give her permission? No. There answer is no and I would never do that you know and that’s what she had done. And you telling me that you wasn’t beating [having s*x]? Girl, bye.”

If her parents believe that Gloria and Gilbert had s*x:

“They do now. They actually sat and listened and understood.”

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  1. Nobody feels sorry for her she continued to stay with him before and after that situation and continued to have kids with a man who was never going to marry her, and she allowed him to take every bit of self worth she had so get over it and move on and build urself up, and stop pointing fingers. Ur sister moved on from her dysfunctional relationship it’s time for her to move on too. Im pretty sure its two sides to her story.

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