‘The Family Hustle’ Recap: TI Tells Tiny They Need to Split Up + Cheating Accusations Fly

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

In the series finale of “The Family Hustle,” amid Heiress’ Christening, TI and Tiny confront one another one more time to see if their marriage is worth saving.

Here’s a recap of, “100.”

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  1. Honestly, they should have never gotten married in the first place. That’s just my two cents though.

  2. It hurts now but this is a blessing for Tiny. TI is trash and she needs to know now that she deserves better. He thinks he’s treating a woman good as long as he spends money on her. What an idiot!

  3. It’s telling that TI didn’t deny the multiple cheating but because Tiny hung out with Floyd she might as well have cheated in his book. I’m glad she left because TI was disrespectful as hell and regardless to whatever else he did in the marriage he would’ve always hung that over her head.

    1. This. I really cannot take that mentality that TI and some men have. They will do you so dirty but if you so much as look at another man suddenly you’re a horrible partner. Stop dishing what you can’t take.

  4. This is why you don’t invite other women to your bedroom with your husband. Eventually they start leaving you out and just start cheating all together!

    1. No offense but do you really think that’s the reason TI cheated…lol….sorry not cheated but continues to cheat..

  5. I have been saying for years that it would be TI that ultimately ends the marriage even though Tiny filed for the divorce she still holding on and TI is the one who is really pulling the plug on the marriage. Sigh Tiny just needs to move on.

  6. TI really needs to be slapped. Acting like a little b-tch over her dancing when he’s out here f-cking thots Tiny hired.

  7. Their marriage was never going to last. Hopefully now Tiny will end up with someone who respects her and appreciates her.

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