Natalie Nunn Isn’t Going to Allow Mona Scott Young to Ruin Her Marriage

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

“Bad Girls Club” and Reality TV veteran Natalie Nunn is no stranger of stirring the pot and causing controversy on TV. However, she won’t ruin her marriage for a show.

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  1. Well I’m surprised she actually has some kind of morals. She could have easily been like Rasheeda and started faking marriage problems and a whole side baby just for a check. LOL.

    1. If she had morals she wouldn’t have been in Dubai getting peed on and having folks clowning her husband. Now is she being sensible about going on L&HHH? Yes! Does it have anything to do with morals? Nope!

  2. Mona is so messy though. She doesn’t really care whose marriage suffers as long as the ratings are high.

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