T.I. is Throwing More Shade

It appears that it’s just a matter of time that the divorce between long time couple T.I. and Tiny is finalized. T.I. has been giving various reasons why it just didn’t work out. He first told Angie Martinez that their marriage distracted him from his career.

Then, on the series finale of their reality show, “The Family Hustle,” T.I. and Tiny had one more sit-down.

During the conversation, T.I. proclaimed that the two of them simply just grew apart. This revelation apparently ignores the claims of infidelity that have stuck with T.I. over the years. Tiny even accused him of sleeping with a woman she apparently hired.

Well today, T.I., via his Instagram account, provided yet another reason why the two did not work out. According to T.I., Tiny failed to ignore his flaws while he ignored hers. One can assume that T.I. alludes to the many cheating allegations out there. This includes the rumors that he slept with Bernice Burgos.

Check out the post below.

But It’s still all love.

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  1. Yet he keep throwing her dancing with Floyd in her face every opportunity but doesn’t understand why it’s a problem that he was out here f-cking other women.

  2. This is why it doesn’t pay to stay with a man who cheats and disrespects you. For all Tiny has put up with from TI he still continues to show no remorse and no respect and refuses to take any responsibility true definition of a loser.

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