RHOP Recap: Monique Gets Even with Gizelle, Karen & Charrisse Clash

Ashley is afraid to read the comment cards submitted from the taste testing.

After blowing up on Michael on the day of the restaurant’s taste testing, Ashley is nervous about reading the comment cards left by those in attendance.

She finally starts to read them and most of the feedback is positive.

Michael comes in Oz and they discuss their big fight.

“That was pretty big fight and I do want to apologize because I don’t want to fight with you.” – Michael

“The reality is we’re just never going to agree and see eye to eye on this.” – Ashley

“Let’s never have fights like this again so we can be married for a long time. A long, long time, ok?” – Michael

Ashley accepts his apology but wants him to understand he can’t discount her opinions just because she’s younger than him.

Karen sets up a meeting between Monique and Gizelle.

Karen convinces Monique and Gizelle to hash out their issues. Monique arrives with Charrisse for emotional support.

Monique tells Gizelle that she’s been rude to her on multiple occasions but Gizelle doesn’t appreciate Monique calling her a trick.

Gizelle also isn’t happy about the way Monique asked for her phone number.

In a confessional, Monique claps back.

“I’m not going to beg another woman for her phone number. I do not want your panties. Keep those dry things. “ – Monique

After Monique and Gizelle go back and forth for a good minute, Charrisse breaks down in tears and tells them she needs them to cease their feud because her split from her husband has been very stressful. This annoys Karen and she throws a little shade in a confessional.

“The tears don’t work here because it’s not about you…” – Karen

Monique and Chris plan a birthday party for their daughter.

Monique wants to invite all the other housewives except for Gizelle. She’s beginning to feel like Gizelle doesn’t like her because she reminds her of her failed marriage.

“Maybe I remind her of what life used to be for her.” – Monique

“Wow.” – Chris

Robyn goes to a therapy session.

Robyn tells the therapist that Juan’s cheating has made her become very guarded with her emotions.

She’s not interested in dating again but she’s not so sure why that is.

“Of course I wonder what life will be like with someone else. But I think my fear of new and crazy people keeps me at home.” – Robyn

When the therapist questions if she wants to find love with someone other than Juan, Robyn dodges the question.

“I want to live a full and happy life.” – Robyn

When the therapist asks again, Robyn finally gets real:

“Yes, absolutely.”

The therapist encourages her to start dating other people but Robyn doesn’t think Juan would like that.

Karen and Monique agree to plan a trip.

After telling Charrisse that she and Raymond have finally sold the house, she and Charrisse agree that it’s time for all the ladies to take a trip.

It looks like Bermuda will be the destination everyone can agree on.

Monique’s birthday bash for her daughter is eventful.

Monique starts to panic when her caterer pastor and valet get stuck in traffic.

However,  guests start rolling in so she has to think on her feet to make sure the party goes smoothly.

Ashley has a very meaningful conversation with Monique’s father and he explains that he learned to drop the need to always be right because it isn’t more important than staying married.

This makes Ashley reflect on her clash with Michael and she wonders if she took things too far.

Karen and Charrisse start exchanging shade in front of the rest of the ladies after Ashley tells Karen that she thought the Bermuda trip was Charrisse’s brainchild.

“Karen needs me to help her. I throw events, I organize things. What has she organized? Nothing.” – Charrisse

Robyn informs Gizelle about Monique’s party and Karen and Charrisse’s weird fallout.

Gizelle is fine with not being invited to Monique’s daughter’s birthday party. She plans to be cordial with her on the Bermuda trip but that’s as far as she’ll go.

Later on, Karen and Charrisse meet up to talk things out, but they end up arguing because Karen doesn’t like that Charrisse keeps saying she’s co-hosting the trip.

Michael and Ashley talk it out over clay.

They go out and make clay pots for a date night but Ashley isn’t sure if a fun date will fix their issues.

“I know that we love each other but do you feel like we’re still in love?” – Ashley

“Yeah, I’m in love with you.” – Michael

Ashley isn’t convinced Michael is still in love with her but she’s confident she’s still in love with him. She’s hoping time will get them back to where they need to be as a couple.

Michael wants kids with Ashley but she’s not ready to have kids. She wants to be on stable ground with the restaurant before that happens.

Ashley thinks time away from Michael is good so she’s looking forward to the Bermuda trip.


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  1. Monique is starting to annoy me with her holier than thou attitude. I don’t care for Gizelle either but damn Monique makes it hard too like her sometimes.

  2. I’m glad Robyn is starting to imagine herself with other people. Especially since Juan has already moved on.

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