Tiny is over TI’s Social Media Antics

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

TI and Tiny Harris are supposed to be in the middle of a highly publicized divorce, and most of their drama has spilled over onto social media.

In a recent interview Tiny revealed that she’s still very much on a roller coaster with TI and sometimes it doesn’t even seem like they are divorcing.

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  1. Sigh…I really want Tiny to move on. But she’s grown and she’s going to do what she feels, and that’s her right.

  2. They are wasting each other’s time. Either you’re going to divorce or actually work on your marriage which means TI has to change and stop being a disrespectful thot.

  3. I think I’m in the monitory but I don’t think neither one of them really wants a divorce. So don’t be surprised if that divorce is never finalized.

  4. Its hard to move on when u have low self esteem and been in love with this one person for so long and not to mentioned having children and a new child with him. As long as Tiny knows he will never be hers exclusively, do you. I think she really is trying to see if she can deal with an open marrige just to be able to be in his life romatically. It’s truly a sad situation. She is showing her daughters everything you should not do in a relationship. You can’t let ur loyalty become salvery.

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