Tommie Lee Spills the Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

In a recent interview, Tommie from LHHATL said she is not so sure she is quitting the show. It’s also revealed that many of the show’s cast aren’t pleased with her rise to fame.

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  1. The bottom line is no matter how much of a break out star u are on the show they’re broke that’s the only thing they have going for them, no one’s trying to give them a spin-off no one’s trying to have her appear on a bunch of talk shows or anything like that. No one has ever heard of this chick or her Dusty boyfriend until they first appeared on the show so at the end of the day this is the only job you got she’s not stupid she knows this. This is probably her way of trying to get more money out of VH1 and they probably let her know quickly that she can be replaced and now she’s fake having second thoughts.

  2. I’m sick of Joseline and her ego, she’s so fake! I haven’t liked her since season 1. I love Tommie!

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