Tommie Lee Spills the Tea

LHHATL’s Tommie Lee, real name Atasha Jefferson, sat down with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently

In the interview, Tommie addressed a number of topics. One thing she revealed is that she is not very sure about quitting the show anymore:

Tommie Lee, the newest full-time cast member of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” this season, is not quitting the show nor has she been fired.

In an interview earlier this week at the AJC, the fiery Atlantan walked back on her May 23 Facebook Live video posting saying she didn’t plan to come back for season seven in 2018.

“I’m really up in the air,” she said this past Tuesday. “We’re discussing it.” In fact, nobody has to make a firm commitment on either side, she said, until September.

With casting decision not being made for the next few months, Tommie may not be the only one changing their mind about remaining on the show. This includes Joseline, who adamantly declared she is quitting after apparent shenanigans during the reunion taping.

As a fan favorite, and ever-growing social media presence, it’s not a surprise LHHATL producers want to keep her around. However, when she was quickly promoted to a full-time cast member, some of the cast weren’t thrilled. The AJC writes:

Tommie said some long-time part-time cast members were jealous when she was given full-time credit this season, specifically referencing Scrappy, who has been around since season one. But this is a female-oriented show and Stevie J is the only male in the main credits. He was only added to the main credits season four despite being a breakout star from day one in 2012.

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  1. The bottom line is no matter how much of a break out star u are on the show they’re broke that’s the only thing they have going for them, no one’s trying to give them a spin-off no one’s trying to have her appear on a bunch of talk shows or anything like that. No one has ever heard of this chick or her Dusty boyfriend until they first appeared on the show so at the end of the day this is the only job you got she’s not stupid she knows this. This is probably her way of trying to get more money out of VH1 and they probably let her know quickly that she can be replaced and now she’s fake having second thoughts.

  2. I’m sick of Joseline and her ego, she’s so fake! I haven’t liked her since season 1. I love Tommie!

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