RHOP Recap: Karen Forgets Mic is Still on + Goes All the Way off on Charrisse

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” there was yet another moment in which someone may have forgotten their mic was still on.

After Karen and Charrisse’s feud becomes the elephant in the room during the Bermuda trip, Karen goes all the way off and let it be known how she really feels about Charrisse.

Here’s a recap of “Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle.”

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  1. Karen is really irritating me this season. Her issue with Charrisse wasn’t even that serious so why did she even take it so far?

  2. Karen is doing the absolute most. And Robyn continues to very delusional about Juan. He doesn’t give a damn if she dates other people because he’s already doing it. LOL.

  3. It was Charisse’s idea to go to Bermuda so Idk why Karen is trying to take all the credit. Robyn is still delusional! I’m quite sure Juan would be thrilled if she started dating someone else b/c she doesn’t want to give their relationship another shot and he’s ready to move on and have a real relationship. I have no idea why Giselle and Monique don’t like one another. Giselle is constantly bringing up Monique’s husband and his money. Like sis why u so mad? He loves his wife and he can spoil her however he wants. Sometimes people’s personalities don’t gel and that could be it with Giselle and Monique.

  4. Gizelle really needs to chill on talking abut someone else’s vocabulary and grammar when she’s not flawless.

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