Brandi Maxiell Threatens to Expose Evelyn Lozada + Evelyn Responds

If you’ve been keeping up with the current season of “Basketball Wives,” then you already know that the OGs Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal want nothing to do with Brandi Maxiell.

Tami believes Brandi stirred the pot in Tami’s feud with DJ Duffey, and she feels Brandi was the one who got in Duffey’s ear and pushed her to nearly getting into a physical altercation with the reality television veteran.

Shaunie is done with Brandi because after they decided to move forward from Brandi calling her a b*tch on camera, Brandi began to taunt Shaunie in interviews about not being able to fire her.

While it’s unclear why Evelyn wants nothing to do with Brandi, it’s assumed she has decided to be loyal to Tami and Shaunie.

All three have decided not to film any scenes with Brandi and this has really infuriated Malaysia Pargo, Brandi’s bff.

Brandi and Malaysia have been venting plenty about the situation on Twitter and Brandi recently claimed the OGs are so boring that producers asked for her and Malaysia to return to the show:

Apparently Evelyn’s tweet set Brandi off because she then threatened to expose Evelyn and confirmed she won’t be attending the reunion (read tweets from bottom to top):

Evelyn wasn’t moved by the threats. When a follower alerted her to Brandi’s claims, she claimed Brandi has officially been fired from the show:

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  1. Brandi and Malaysia are really getting on my nerves this season. They have never made the show for me. I only starting caring again when Tami came back. If anyone saved the LA show, it’s Tami. After Draya left, people started checking out. Just keeping it ?.

    1. Dis AGREE all of them getting on my nerves and Tammy is a bully who Malaysia and Brandi ain’t scared of. I think Evelyn is scared of Tammy I think Tammy and Evelyn kiss Shaunie O’Neal’s a-s, I think Shaunie O’Neal is messy and sneaky how else would Evelyn know any personal business about Brandy being fired or anything else if she just came on the show the proof is in the writing and I don’t think Brandi and Malaysia made the show but let’s see what happens when Jennifer makes her appearance on the show

      1. How would Brandi be able to expose Evelyn when she just encounteres her? How Shaunie spreading the fact that Brandi is fired when everybody claim Shaunie can’t fire her. At the end of the day I like Malaysia but how you mad people don’t wanna be friends with your friend?! That’s childish. Tami ain’t a bully she just don’t take sh-t and neither does Malaysia. But Brandi can kill the fact she on the show to bring up the ratings cause nobody checking for her.

      2. Well u can say the same for Brandy & Malaysia! Tami & Evelyn are just loyal to Shaunie. They have been friends long before BBW was a show. How is it ok for Malaysia & Brandi to be xtra loyal to one another but when it comes to Tami & Ev being the same way towards Shaunie, it’s them kissing her a-s? Just like Brandi & Malaysia have a genuine friendship & they ride for each other & talk about everything so do Shaunie & Ev and Shaunie & Tami. I also think that Jackie starts a lot of mess between these ladies also. She carries untrue bones back n forth to each clique when she feels she’s not in the loop, or apart of the “PONDEROSA”, her word not mine, lol! Maybe if Jackie gets sent on a sabbatical for a season or 2, these women can be ok w/ each other. Would u agree?

    1. I think Brandi and Malaysia bring class to the show. They are two beautiful black females that have a mind of their own. They don’t speak statements that someone wants them to say. I think that is what is wrong with the rest of the click except Jackie and Tami. Shaunie is very messy. She is the main bone carrying person on the shown. I guess because she is one of the producer. She is irrelevant and has no story line. She is the puppeteer for the rest of the ladies except for Tami, Jackie, Brandi, and Malaysia. SHAUNIE GET A STORY LINE AND THEN TALK.

  2. There’s really nothing she can say about Evelyn that would surprise anyone. Time for her to move on. Sis was taking credit for ratings a few weeks ago. So if she’s such a ratings booster, surely she can find another reality show to be on right? Her and Malaysia talk so much crap about how vital they are to the show but the receipts ain’t adding up.

  3. So basically Brandi was fired and not invited to the reunion so she’s trying to beef with Evelyn so she can change that.

  4. Didn’t Malaysia and Brandi do the same thing they claim is being done to them to Draya? Seems like karma to me.

  5. Brandi is entitled. No one has to film with her. Her mouth and Twitter fingers is exactly why she’s having the problems she’s having now.

  6. People have to stop blowing smoke up Brandi’s a-s. She is not as interesting and important as she thinks she is.

    1. I think she is very important and has a great mind. She doesn’t take any mess from anyone and that is what the cast members are afraid of about her. I think they want to be like her but instead are kissing Shaunie’s a**

  7. I want to hear the tea that Brandi is threatening to spill! LOL this entire season has been a mess but it is good to see the old crew back together but Malaysia and Brandi is getting on my last nerve! they were cool with the old cast but they just do not work with the new cast I’m just ready for them to go! The act like two high school girls begging to sit at the popular girls table just go away!!

  8. Brandi needs to get the f-ck off Twitter. She’s going to end up shooting herself in the foot.

  9. Oh Brandi is definitely in panic mode. I think this is going to be her last season for real this time. This is the most she’s ever cut up on Twitter. LOL.

  10. Tami, Shaunie, and Ev bring a mean girl spirit to the show and honestly they’re very irrelevant. They’re the main reasons why the show in Miami got canceled, now that this show is relevant you feel as if you can take over. if Ev was really close to marriage some of it would played out on the show. With the original LA chicks gone this show will be canceled no one wants to watch these original 50 year old fight like it’s 2010 again. She got a shut up ring. Shaunie out the three was the only one that was a real basketball wife. Ev was married for about two seconds and Tami was only married for a cpl of years.

  11. It’s crazy to me how anyone can say no one cares about the Miami girls when the ratings this season didn’t break records until Evelyn came back. And the Miami show ended because Evelyn left the show, let’s not rewrite history. Also the LA show never had ratings like the Miami one but it really started flopping once Draya left. Check the numbers. That is why the network brought Tami and Shaunie back. Like just stop trying to rewrite history because you’re mad your faves have never been relevant enough to carry their own show. Yall are not the majority and the ratings this season prove it. Brandi needs to gracefully bow the hell out already. I really wish they would have kept Duffy instead of her.

  12. Malaysia got played on the last episode especially when Tami called her out on her incorrect verb usage. That right there should have shut her childish a-s up. Malaysia has no business, skills or anything that she can promote by being on the show. She and Brandi are non-mutha-fing factors in my book. Tami is why I watch because her comebacks are hilarious! We ALL know she is why the ratings are back up. And Jackie Christie is a clear example of Bi-polar gone wrong!

  13. Brandi can leave quietly pls with malaysia following suit ???it stung u hard what u did to draya …. Brandi forgot who brought her to the table she was so busy eating ???she ate the respect too shaunie never did anything Brandi hs complex like yes shaunie was oneals wife u mad ???? She helped create the show u mad ?? How is she looking down on you when u were asked to join u make a few bks and become ungrateful … just go and yes if u hv substance make ur own show period …. u hv no story line Brandi we all sympathize with cancer but dnt make it a game

    1. In that case so can Evelyn. She is very messy. She should go back home to her family especially her son to be a mother. She doesn’t have a story line except trying to get pregnant but she is not with her other child. I am hoping he and her husband are not watching her make a fool out of herself. I would definitely be ashamed of her especially if I was married to her. Is this her only source of income of her own? She has been married once before, maybe she is the one who is a build-the-wh***

    1. Brandi brings spice to the show. She speaks what is on her mind and do not kiss anyone a**. Kudos to her because I don’t see anyone backing Evelyn back but Jackie. Tami is getting to be weak because all she wants now is a baby. I think she is on the wrong side and is getting to messy just like her friend Shaunie. She should dump Shaunie.

  14. Here’s the thing Brandi, Drea was right! Ur only storyline was ur cancer & now people are over it. Not coming down on you bcuz of ur bcuz I too have been dealing w/ cancer since I was 14 yrs old & in now 46 yrs old. There are other things about ur life to get into to. Really people are just bored w/ you & Malaysia. U two really think u guys are the show & that’s far from the truth, as u can see since ur no longer a cast member, lol. We would rather have Jennifer, Gloria & Laura back than have bi-polar a-s Jackie, yourself & Malaysia. It’s time to move on & stop acting like your’re not an employee of Shaunie O’Neal. U are disrespectful & it was u & only u that got urself in this predicament. We know that u did instigate that fight between Tami & Duffy & so does Malaysia! She’s just too loyal to u to admit it on camera, but we see thru that. Also, since da 1st time u called ur boss a B-TCH, it was NEVER gonna be the same for you on that show anyway, boo boo! So sorry 4u, not really tho bcuz ur a grown a-s woman who’s responsible for her actions. Good luck in life!

    1. Drea can’t talk because she just existed on the show. She did not have a story line that is why she is not longer on the show but is begging to come back. The only thing she had going for herself was her having breast enlargement nothing more. She was ran off the show by the other ladies because she is weak.

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