Masika and Others Have Interesting View on Black on Black Crime & Philando Castile Shooting

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha is one of many celebrities who has taken to social media to express outrage about the cop who killed Philando Castille getting off.

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  1. I’m so over people who believe this nonsense. They are basically saying black people deserve police brutality. And to say that when Philando literally did nothing to deserve his death is just wrong. It is up to cops to know what they are doing period! If you’re afraid of black people, find another job!

  2. Omg I totally agree with her more blacks have killed more blacks then whites did back in slavery and more than the police have and please do say it’s how we was taught to go against each other cause that’s not true back when we were slave we stuck together more than we do now. It’s never gonna get better just worst cause we can’t even keep it real and say black men are killing each other more than anyone else has its truth and pathetic when a black man is shot by another black man black people don’t care so where is the black lives matter in those situations

  3. It’s too simplistic to think this way. There’s too many factors and variables to come to this conclusion. That’s all I have to say.

  4. The racist who killed Philando said he killed him because he smelled weed. So anyone with this mentality can kick rocks. I’m so over some of us.

  5. She only liked the comment, she didnt actually say it so lets not attack her. And I’m pretty sure that she knows that liking a comment about black on black crime will get her dragged because for whatever reason it gets everyone dragged

  6. Honestly a lot of black people think this. Especially black republicans. I just hope neither them or their family members end up in the position Philando and his ended up in. It will be a huge wake up call. So it’s always best to have empathy. I don’t blame any victim for what happened to them.

  7. WE NEED TO QUIT USING THE PHRASE “black on black crime”, unless you also say “white on white”, “latino on latino”, etc….

    To me, this is a phrase used by media to make it seem that we as a people are more “out of control” than other races. We never hear other crimes classified this way!!!

    I hear the argument about strengthening our communities, it does start at home….BUT this is about Police Brutality!!!!

    That gets lost when we talk this “black on black” BS!!! How about we lose that phrase instead of even using it as a talking point! Common sense and research says most crimes are within a local, homogenous environment.

    Please stop.

  8. Folks like Masika fail to realize that “black on black” crime is merely crime based off proximity. People who feel this way also fail to realize that this crime is a symptom of the systematic racism that is in place in America.

    BLM is a group that is fighting against this systematic racism. Providing a better educational system and economic opportunities will reduce black on black crime. However, it will not remove the ills of police brutality. We need to realize this and continue the fight for Philando.

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