EXCLUSIVE: Source Reveals Why BET Chose Remy Ma over Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, social media was divided when it was announced that Remy Ma had been crowned Best Female Hip Hop Artist at this year’s BET Awards.

In fact, many questioned how Remy nabbed the honor when the other nominees had more commercial success.

However, a source explains to Urban Belle why the network feels like the right decision was made.

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  1. Telling Nicki days before won’t change anything. She’s petty as hell and knowing her she won’t ever go back to the BET Awards again.

    1. Well is BET not petty then for picking Remy for a freaking diss song? She has yet to find success on her own. She is always depending on Fat Joe collaborations. Meanwhile Remy, Nicki, Missy and even Young MA are out here killing it on their own. Nicki can sell solo albums and kill it. Cardi is getting Vogue spreads on her own. Missy is a legend. Young MA had a hit on her own! Remy’s so called accomplishments are mild in comparison to the other nominees. Hell she stole the concept of Shether from Nas! Stole the beat, used the name. She’s getting way too many props for something that ain’t all that groundbreaking when you look at it a little bit closer.

      1. Nikki is not out here killin NOTHING! She is whack to say the least. The only reason why she continues to be relevant is because she stays in those p-rnstar clothes.

  2. Remy deserved it in my opinion. This is Hip Hop and they’re right, she brought it back to what Hip Hop is all about. She may not have commercial success but she can rap circles around Nicki and there’s no denying that.

  3. BET was messy, period. They only gave her the award over a rap beef, when the truth is Cardi was the most deserving. What she’s been able to do is more impressive than Remy getting on a track and ranting about Nicki’s plastic surgery and body count.

  4. I can’t front. Their reasoning does make sense. I just think Remy made it look messy because she still took the time to throw more jabs during her acceptance speech. And that’s really why I don’t care for her anymore. She’s annoying now.

    1. But every song Nicki has released since SHEther has been a diss towards Remy or Cardi. Nicki is shook right now.

  5. So now they want to change up the requirements. This whole time they kept giving it to Nicki because of sales and popularity. Now it’s not about that now that Remy dissed her. Really convenient timing. Whatever.

  6. F-ck that. They picked Remy’s bitter a-s because they knew it would get everyone talking for the rest of the week. She couldn’t even get her a-s on stage and just talk about herself. All she thinks about is Nicki. I want to see where she is in five years after everyone stops giving a f-ck about the beef.

  7. I do believe Nicki was told ahead of time and that’s why he was posting her resume to Twitter and Instagram. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Remy knew too because she was cheesing it up with Debra Lee the day before. It’s all politics.

  8. I’m over Nicki AND Remy. It would have been nice to see another female rapper besides them get some real recognition. Nicki has been dominating for way too long and now we get some other female rapper who happens to be obsessed with her to take her place so in a way, it’s still all about Nicki. Thanks BET. Thank you.

  9. Shether is one of the most overhyped diss songs of all time. I can’t help but laugh at the same ones who said Nicki was overhyped hyping up Remy and her mediocre diss song so much that she is out here getting a BET award for it.

  10. LMAO @ the comments…..Yall are spot on I like Remy but she is beyond petty thanks to Nicki who is also beyond petty 9both of them won’t grow up and stop shading each other) but I felt like the award should’ve went to Cardi….

  11. I didn’t mind Remy winning. But it’s pathetic how her and Nicki won’t let their beef go. I’m so over it.

  12. Seems like politics as usual. Nicki can either use all of this to help her reinvent herself and come back harder or fold under the pressure. The choice is up to her.

  13. I think Nicki just needs to move on and focus on her career tight now. It’s obvious that a lot of people are just bashing her because it’s the cool thing to do right now. She has a lot of fans and she just needs to work on producing an album that they will be excited to support so she can shut up these bandwagon haters with her actual commercial success. Losing a rap beef doesn’t have to mean much if you play it right.

  14. I started to sense it was going to Remy but Nicki and her stans need to calm down. It’s one award and seriously, all awards are based off hype and politics. They don’t make or break your career. Nicki will be just fine.

  15. They seem to give awards to same people over and over. How many times are we going to see Ms. Carter win and for nothing at all. Its irritating as heck.

    1. Yeah having the highest selling album for a female in 2016 and the most critically acclaimed is “nothing at all.” Years in, and Beyonce still has you rattled on here. Get over it. It’s not Beyonce’s fault your life isn’t what you want it to be. ?

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