Is Remy Ma Faking Her Support of Cardi B?

One of the main reasons Remy Ma told the media she felt like she had to clap back at Nicki Minaj with “ShETHER” is because she felt like Nicki did not show respect to other female rappers.

To prove her point, Remy herself has been trying to show a united front with other female rappers, and she’s already performed on the same stage with Cardi B twice.

So many suspected that she’s truly happy for Cardi’s success, which some suspect cannot be said about Nicki.

However, when Cardi’s social media accounts were hacked the other day, Remy’s quick response made some feel like she may have never liked Cardi in the first place and pretended she did just to spite Nicki.

Check out the tweets below:

Then of course some feel like Remy was being shady during her most recent appearance on “The Real.” When she was asked about Cardi also being nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards, Remy took a shady sip of tea. When she was called out by the panel for seemingly acting shady about the question, Remy went on to proudly acknowledge that she’s the Queen of Petty, a far cry from her previous declaration to making sure female rappers (outside of Nicki Minaj) remain united.

Check out the video and give us your thoughts below.

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  1. Of course Remy doesn’t really care about being united. She wants the top spot. Going at Nicki was strategic. It wasn’t because she cares about other female rappers. I can’t believe people were really buying her act. I thought people were smarter than that. I prefer Cardi by the way. Cardi’s personality is way better and her music gives me life.

  2. That tweet is a small portion of what she really thinks about Cardi. I’m sure she looks down on her since Cardi is a former stripper and started popping faster than she did.

    1. Cardi also didn’t have to beef with Nicki to get shine. I’m sure that makes Remy salty. She’s been in the game for a long time but didn’t really go to the next level until she dissed Nicki. That’s a sucky legacy to have.

      1. She’s not at a next level tho, she’s just been in the blogs. She was nominated for a Grammy but didn’t win the only award she had in another BET award. She hasn’t released an album yet not has she even released a single yet (without Joe). She’s not poppin in the music world only in the AA culture and that’s it. Her new BET show will be canceled just like the Westbrooks.

  3. Sh-t is Remy dumb? I follow Cardi and knew from the first tweet that her a-s was hacked. For someone who likes to go around asking if people are dumb all the time, Remy ain’t looking so sharp her damn self. I told people she was a hater but they were too busy bashing Nicki to notice that sh-t. Remy been hating. Any female rapper who had some time at the top her a-s has came for.

  4. Remy has been going at Nicki since she was locked up. She didn’t make Shether because she was responding to some imaginary diss from Nicki that never happened. All the barbs know she was referring to Azealia Banks on that Gucci song. Even Azealia said so herself on Facebook. Nicki and Azealia had been going back and forth with each other since they fell out over that tour. Remy is a liar and made Shether because she wanted a come up. And she got one because a lot of people hate Nicki because she’s so successful.

  5. Remy is a battle rapper. She’s never really cared about getting along with other female rappers. She’s used to challenging them. You can tell who just discovered her from reality TV. I don’t understand why people are buying her new image.

  6. Of course Remy isn’t really here for Cardi. In her mind, she’s better and she’s ok with Cardi until Cardi surpasses her. Remy is a very jealous natured person. She may be cool with Kim now, but she tried Kim too when she was on top.

  7. Remy could have at least apologized but hey, they swear Nicki is the only one with a stank attitude.

  8. Poor Cardi. Nicki and Remy are hating on the kid and she’s not even doing anything to deserve the hate.

  9. Let’s keep it 100. Cardi is a legit threat to Remy. Like Nicki, she has commercial appeal and she had a huge social media following before she even did LHHNY. That is why I feel like Cardi should have won over Remy.

  10. Ratchet queen you are correct and at least Cards has some type of budget for her videos. What does Remy have?

  11. All those people who came up on the stage with Remy with the exception of Cardi have all shown saltiness about Nicki’s career. United by hate is more like it.

  12. None of this is surprising. Remy realizes the potential Cardi B has to surpass her commercially. But instead of being shady, she needs to figure out what her next move is because the hype around Shether is fading away.

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