RHOA Season Ten Tea

Word on the street is there is no shortage of drama for the upcoming season of RHOA.

Kenya Moore is at odds with producers because she won’t film with her husband.

NeNe Leake and Porsha Williams basically hate each other.

And the network has three women in the running for peaches.

Now they are saying that Shamea Morton nearly came to blows with Lamarra George, a friend of NeNe Leakes, who is also in the running to secure a peach.

Real Mr. Housewife writes:

Now, here’s the backstory between the two from what our insiders exclusively told us: Apparently, the two got into it and after they got in each other’s faces… Lamarra threw a drink at Shamea. According to our eyewitness source, “Shamea then tried to defend herself but was escorted out before any serious physical altercation could ensue.”

From what our insiders told us, Lamarra is close with NeNe, Cynthia, and Sheree… so all three of them defended Lamarra in this situation. According to our sources, “NeNe even went as far to say that if they wanted her to stay on the show, they would have to get rid of Shamea.” This could have been something that she said in the heat of the moment and most likely Shamea will still be filming for the upcoming season, but there is just a lot of tension between the ladies right now.

The interesting thing is what our source had to say about Kenya and Porsha. Apparently, “Kenya didn’t get involved in the drama at all and basically ran away to call her husband as soon as things got crazy. Porsha… walked away as well.”

Kandi has been traveling around the country making appearances and performing with Xscape, so she was not present at the dinner and neither was Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

Our source DID confirm that “Eva Marcille filmed with the group last night,” but we aren’t sure how involved she was in the drama and who’s side she was on.

Word on the street is that both Shamea and Lamarra are set to be full-time housewives this season, but at this point, the two are taking a break from one another and if something like this were to happen again, one or BOTH of them could be cut.

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  1. I love Eva the Diva! I wonder how Porsha feels about Shamea possibly getting a Peach? Although Im sure Nene going to make sure that doesn’t happend.

  2. This sounds like the same mess BBW just pulled. I hate when networks do this. There’s no reason the cast needs to be this big.

    1. I think it’s a good choice. Shamea definitely handled herself well last season. Let’s not forget her epic reading of Phaedra.

  3. So in a nutshell, the producers are up to their old tricks. Telling these women they need to be on ten to secure a peach and when it blows up, then they pretend they don’t know why it happened. It’s the same song and dance.

  4. So basically NeNe’s girl is a ratchet. Well NeNe can’t say anything else about how Porsha brought the show down when she’s bringing Evelyn Loazda wannabes on RHOA.

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