K. Michelle Drags Joseline Hernandez + Joseline Responds (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez’s ongoing feud with Mona Scott Young has resulted in a few casualties.

The Puerto Rican Princess has now quit the show, and it looks like the chances of her returning are very slim.

Then of course her friendship with K. Michelle is over, thanks to K. seemingly siding with Mona in a recent video filmed by Shekinah Anderson.

As we recently reported, in the video which was filmed at K. Michelle’s Puff & Petals Lounge, K. Michelle explained how Mona helped her start her career.

We already told you we felt it was a bit hypocritical for K. to involve herself in Mona and Joseline’s feud when she has expressed the same grievances about Mona in the past.

And since K. also claimed Joseline and Karlie Redd were the only people she considered friends from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” it was surprising to many that K. would even get involved in the first place.

Joseline made it clear on Instagram that she wasn’t happy about the video, but things got really ugly on Instagram last night for the former friends.

Click next for the details.

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    1. And this is the very sad truth. It’s worse for K because she has an actual music career and things to lose. What’s the point of leaving LHHATL when you’re still being a clown for Mona? And for free at that!

      1. K hasn’t learned a thing. Then she wonders why she can’t sell as many albums as the bigger artists. It’s hard to focus on her music when she’s such a messy person.

  1. I feel bad for these women because they don’t understand that all this nastiness they are throwing back and forth will come back on them both. It’s way too much man. Sad.

  2. So Joseline was doing coke in K’s bedroom and we’re supposed to believe K wasn’t doing lines too? Girl stop. This is a mess all around.

  3. Both of them need to log off right now because they are doing the most for a woman who doesn’t give a f-ck about them. Mona is not a friend. And K is slow if she thinks Mona is a mentor to anyone. Look how she did Yandy last season. Mentor my a-s.

  4. Both of them are wrong as hell for talking about each other’s kids. In a fight, I’d put money on Joseline though.

  5. K Michelle has to ask herself if Mona would do all of this for her. She’s looking dumber than Joseline because she is really going above and beyond for someone who won’t say a word for her. And honestly, Mona did not “make” neither of these women. Joseline being herself is why the show blew up and she in turn blew up. K Michelle is successful because she chose to be. She was working hard before the show. They give Mona way too much credit.

  6. K needs to stop trying to drag Joseline about being on coke when most of the people on the show are on coke. She probably does it too if Joseline was doing it in her bedroom. Birds of a feather.

  7. K has been salty with Joseline since she did The Real a week after Loni made K look like a fool on Twitter. She really lost it when Joseline took up for Nicki on there too. K is lame.

  8. Meanwhile Mona is sitting somewhere unbothered still cashing checks while these dummies going at it for nothing. Both of them are too stupid to realize they are pawns in Mona’s game.

  9. I’m starting to think Mona doesn’t really like black people all that much. Look how these two women are going at it and stooping so low to hurt each other while she sits backs and laughs to herself like she did in that video. Mona is evil.

  10. I’m so glad I’m not famous. It’s just way too much that comes with it. Anyway both K and Joseline should have just been mature and called each other up to discuss this. Mona is a destructive person. She’s out here breaking up friendships and marriages. The love of money really is the root of all evil.

  11. I hate when grown women try to come for a little black girl’s hair. Especially when they don’t really have hair of their own. K stays in wigs and probably has no knowledge of how to take care of her real hair. And she needs not to talk about Free Bonnie Bella when she didn’t even raise her own son. It’s crazy to me how all these people who keep going after Joseline have just as many issues as she has.

  12. I think both of them told facts about the other. Joseline IS a cokehead (so is Stevie). K Michelle did dump her son on her mother. She uses the excuse that she’s too busy to care for him but that’s a load of bullsh-t. It ain’t like she’s some A-list star. There are people way bigger than her who take their kids with them everywhere. That’s what real bosses do. She has time to have a new boyfriend every year, but can’t make time to be with her son.

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