Erykah Badu Has Something to Say About Young Thug + New Age Rapers

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By: A.J. Niles

Rapper Young Thug has amassed quite a few critics of his music and antics over the past few years. Most recently, he generated negative feedback from saying he’s the new Tupac.

However, Erykah Badu has an interesting prospective about Young Thug as an artist.

Young Thug is a polarizing artist. Although, he’s generated and maintained a sizable fanbase this decade, he’s also garnered many critics.

Specifically, his critics feel he has nothing of value to contribute to Hip Hop.

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  1. I kind of agree about it’s kind of lame when older people are always bashing newer artists. Let them live. Just support who you do like.

  2. I completely agree with her. Artists need to pick their own lanes and not be pressured to be something they are not. Young Thug is not my cup of tea but I damn sure don’t want him to try to pretend to be pro black. That’s not his lane.

  3. I understand and agree with Erykah…but YT needs to get bashed. He was comparing himself to 2pac…which he is not and will never be

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