Erykah Badu Defends Kanye’s Antics + Kanye Says Slavery ‘Was a Choice’

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By: A.J. Niles

As Kanye West faces backlash on social media for his expressed his “love” and support for “free thinking” and Donald Trump, very few celebs jumped to his defense.

In fact, many reached out to ‘Ye publicly and in private, encouraging him to alter what he’s saying. But Erykah Badu, who isn’t new to social media firestorms, publicly defended Kanye and his opinions.

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  1. Both are cancelled. But let me go on Twitter and see how Kanye’s stans are defending this slavery comment.

  2. Erykah and Kanye are both examples of people who swear they are intelligent but don’t even take the time to read any books.

  3. Erykah and Kanye are basically just your typical and very ignorant hoteps. I’m not angry because neither one has gotten any cons from me in a long time.

  4. UB in his interview with Charla he said that he doesn’t like that Harriet Tubman is going to be on the $20. He said Jordan should be on there instead. Not only does he hate his own blackness, but he really can’t stand black women.

  5. How does Kanye, a black man in his 30s, not know about the slave revolutions? This is why people need to shut up with this free thinker bs. He’s not a free thinker. He’s just dumb and completely full of himself. And I have no words for Badu. I’ve been done with her since she said little girls don’t need to wear short skirts so their male teachers won’t molest them. She’s fake deep and dumb!

  6. Van lost me when he called Kanye a genius. Kanye is not a genius and never was. People with high intellect love to learn and are well read and informed. Kanye is neither of those things. He’s not intelligent and clearly hates being black. I wish all these people would stop lying about him being a genius. That’s part of the reason he’s the way he is now. His inflated ego is exhausting.

  7. I wish both of them would shut their fake deep a-ses up! They are rich and live in their little ignorant a-s bubbles because they can afford to. And neither one of them knows what free thinking/free thought is. Half of America supports Trump. Kanye ain’t no special snowflake. Neither is Erykah. She’s the typical male identified black woman. She ain’t special either!

  8. Kanye is an idiot. I hope Kim realizes that he’s ruining her brand with these ignorant rants.

    1. What brand? Kim is a p-rn star. if anything, she’s the one who ruined Kanye’s brand. He’s been losing since he got with her.

  9. BYE KRIS!!!! This ain’t TMZ. I don’t care if Kanye wrong but you not about to victimize Kim sorry arse like she ain’t approving his messages. FOH

  10. Kanye needs help, medication and therapy, deep therapy for the next 20 years. I never thought he was a genius, he never said anything profoundly deep to me & Ms. Badu should never ever speak, she is and has always been dumb as a bag of rocks & now she wants to encourage this fool like he needs it….. Oh boy…

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