K. Michelle Regrets Recent Back and Forth with Joseline Hernandez

Things got really nasty between Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle yesterday.

After K. Michelle wrote a lengthy caption explaining why she will always ride for Mona Scott Young, Joseline reportedly commented on the post and threatened to handle K. Michelle in person.

K. then responded by accusing Joseline of being on drugs, and telling her that she needs to comb Bonnie Bella’s hair.

In response, Joseline hopped on Instagram Live and took shots at the fact that K. Michelle’s son Chase has been living with his grandmother for years.

The back and forth pretty much went on all day and to many on social media, it’s not really a good look for either of them:

K. Michelle is now regretful of the whole situation:

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  1. K needs to sit her fake a-s down. She’s on the same level as Joseline. Messy as hell. Didn’t nobody take her out of character. Being messy is her character! That’s all she knows and that is why she will never be a big star. I don’t like Joseline but Joseline owns her sh-t. When will fake a-s K Michelle?

  2. K can be so full of herself. If she was such a big deal, she would have never gotten caught up in the first place. There’s a reason why the women on top of the music business are where they are. They don’t self sabotage themselves on a regular basis like K does. She is always in some mess because her mouth is too big and that is never going to change. She calls it being real, I call it being immature.

  3. The spin is real. No one came for her first. She got herself involved because she likes the attention and she does stuff like this whenever she has an album coming out. Had she kept her mouth shut when Shekinah was stirring the pot, Joseline would have never said anything. Stay out of drama if you don’t want drama.

    1. Agreed. Furthermore, she could’ve said something positive about BOTH ppl so, as to not come off biased and messy. Clearly, there was prior conversation that was going on between K Michelle, Mona, and Shekinah. To stir the pot they went on social media to make Jos look even more foolish. Grown ppl move in private and handle situations one on one. This is juvenile and ignorant shenanigans.

  4. K does this every single time she gets into it with someone. What will it take for her to understand that she’s really not above this kind of stuff? This is her. It’s what she does. That’s why her music doesn’t sell like that. Even her own fans are more interested in her messiness than her music.

  5. There are no winners in this except Mona and possibly Shekinah. Mona is the reason all of this even happened, and Shekinah stirred the pot but no one is dragging them.

  6. Yeah I don’t think I like K anymore. I’m starting to see she hasn’t changed at all. It’ just lip service.

  7. K. Michelle has interjected herself in things that didn’t concern her before and made herself look stupid in the process. Before this was the Remy, Nicki and Meek situation. She lives for drama.

  8. Growth? What growth? I think some of her fans are a little bit delusional. No offense. K hasn’t changed at all. She’s the same way she was on the first season of LHHATL.

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