‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Tami Puts on a Cape for Jackie, The Ladies Head to Miami

Evelyn is nervous about Jackie being at Shaunie’s luncheon.

Evelyn and Shaunie are out for drinks. While they are out, Shaunie invites Evelyn to the event and to be on a panel. She does tell Evelyn that Jackie will be there and of course, Evelyn is apprehensive to being there with Jackie.

They then reminisce about being in Miami. Evelyn hasn’t been back to Miami since she moved. She moved because of the domestic violence incident she had with Chad Ocho Cinco. She says moving was part of her recovery process.

Shaunie says they need to take a trip to Miami, to which Evelyn agrees. They then joke about Ta’kari’s book. Evelyn says she hopes the books lands on the New York Time’s best sellers list.

Malaysia really wants Jennifer to hit it off with Jackie, Jackie makes an outlandish allegation about Evelyn.

Malaysia meets up for lunch with Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams. Malaysia wants to convince Jennifer that Jackie is cool but Jennifer isn’t so sure.  Jennifer then tells Jackie she and Evelyn are in a good place, which disappoints Jackie.

Jackie then discusses her beef with Evelyn. Things get weird when Jackie says Evelyn keeps bringing up Ta’kari because Evelyn wants a s*xual relationship with her.

Jennifer and Malaysia are stunned by this notion.

Tami isn’t sure she wants to have another baby.

Tami and Reggie are out walking and she wants to talk to Reggie about their baby struggles. Tami isn’t so sure she wants to have another child at her age in her condition. She still loves Reggie and doesn’t want to hurt him.

However, she suggests Reggie freeze his sperm and use it once she passes away. Reggie isn’t sure about her suggestion.

“You dropped a bomb on me.” – Reggie

Evelyn gets ready for Jackie’s antics.

Evelyn is shopping at a gun store. She is looking for protection from Jackie. She asks the store clerk for help and the clerk suggests a stun gun. As she’s shopping for the weapon, Jennifer walks in. Evelyn is showing off the taser and Jennifer tells Evelyn that Jackie thinks she wants to have sex with Ta’kari.

In her interview, she warns Jackie to keep away if she doesn’t want to get tased.

Evelyn doesn’t want to make peace with Jackie, Jackie gets emotional.

It’s the day of Shaunie’s women’s empowerment. The ladies arrive and are cordial. Jackie is one of the last ones there and she and Evelyn are sitting at different tables. Jackie is planning to stay calm to avoid any issues.

Evelyn hasn’t seen Jackie since the drama in New York. Jackie is trying to remain cool but Evelyn is being brutally honest to Jennifer and Tami and tells them she can’t stand Jackie. As Evelyn continues to talk about Jackie, the more angry Jackie gets.

Meanwhile, Tami brings up the Miami trip to the other ladies, suggesting that Jackie should go. Evelyn says she doesn’t want to go and tells her about Jackie saying she wants to f**k her daughter.

Tami says she shouldn’t take said seriously. In her green screen interview, she reveals that she’s not so convinced Evelyn has changed. In fact, she says Evelyn needs to get over her issues with Jackie so everyone can be cordial. Evelyn finds this to be hypocritical, and says Tami would have done much worse to Jackie if she was in her shoes.

Tami also questions why Evelyn would still view Jackie as a serious threat and thinks Evelyn wants to get violent.

“Beloved, I thought your life was fixed.” – Tami

She then goes over to Jackie’s table to ask Jackie why she would say that about Evelyn. Despite this, she’s going to remain neutral in the situation and invite her to Miami. Suddenly, Jackie is starts crying.

“I want to go over there and take her life.” – Jackie

Shaunie goes over to the table and calms Jackie down. Meanwhile, Evelyn doesn’t appreciate that she invited Jackie to Miami.

From the panel, Tami surprisingly praises Jackie at the luncheon.

Shaunie starts the panel that has Evelyn and Tami on it. When asks about how she deals with negative comments. She says she doesn’t curse on social media and uses the block button. Jackie isn’t here for the commentary.

When Tami is asked a question, she brings up how supportive Jackie is and toasts to her. Evelyn isn’t impressed.

At the end of the event, Jackie says Tami really has her back and she is still concerned about being in Miami with Evelyn.

Malaysia is invited to Miami.

The next day, Malaysia and Jackie are out to eat and recap Shaunie’s event. She also wants Malaysia’s advice about going to Miami.

Jackie says she loved the tribute Tami gave her from the panel. Malaysia just doesn’t understand where the division came from, feeling that they should just get over it.

Later that night, Jackie and Malaysia arrive at Hazel’s listening party. Malaysia is somewhat cordial, giving Jennifer a hug and then dipping when Tami and Shaunie arrive. Later on, Shaunie pulls Malaysia to the side to invite her to Miami.

Malaysia doesn’t understand why she would hang out with anyone “without substance?” Despite that, she graciously accepts the invitation. Malaysia lets Jackie know she’s invited to Miami and she gets really excited.

Jackie mentions that they seem to have a really good time together when Evelyn isn’t around.

The ladies make it to Miami and link up with a few “Baller Wives.”

Eventually, the ladies invited to the Miami arrive including the original OG’s, Malaysia and Jackie. Shaunie arrives with Jennifer and Tami. Meanwhile, Jackie arrives with Hazel. Jackie is going on about Evelyn to Hazel and Hazel just doesn’t seem too into the beef.

Hazel and Jackie arrive to their suite with Malaysia barging in shortly after. Hazel lets them know Kijafa Vick is coming through. Later on Kijafa and Jeniva Samuel arrive to the suite, inviting them to a yacht ride.

Jackie isn’t sure things will work out with Evelyn in attendance.


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  1. How many more times is Jackie going to talk about how she wants to kill Evelyn before someone gets that she’s mentally ill and no longer needs to be on this show?

  2. I may need to start fast forwarding through Jackie’s scenes. She’s really getting on my nerves this season.

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