LHHH Recap: Masika & Hazel Face Off + Alexis Throws a Drink on Moniece

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Love and Hip hop Hollywood,” Keyshia Cole and her ex husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson reveal they still live together.

Brooke Valentine learns that her boyfriend Marcus is still legally marred.

And Hazel-E links up with Masika’s nemesis Alexis Skyy to get even.

Here’s a recap of “Girl Fight.”

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  1. #DEAD @ Hosika and Nazel-He. It’s only been one episode and this is already better than the ATL one.

  2. Ok so it looks like Masika and Zell fell out already. I saw on his IG that he’s cool with Nikki and Hazel now.

  3. This franchise is complete and utter nonsense and ridiculousness. Straight shenanigans and nonsense. Smh ??‍♀️??‍♀️ I hate to see Keyshia Cole’s brand associated with this mess.

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