Miss Nikki Baby Puts Moniece and Masika on Blast (UPDATE)

Masika Kalysha is ready to pop off on anyone who befriends her nemesis Alexis Skyy.

As you may already know, Alexis claims she was in a relationship with Fetty Wap for two years until he knocked up Masika.

She joined the LHHH cast to confront Masika onscreen, and Masika is furious the producers have allowed this.

She’s also heated that Alexis has actually made friends with some of the cast, including Nia Riley.

Moniece and Masika teamed up against Nia on social media the other day, but Nia clapped back and claimed that their friendship is fraudulent since Moniece likes to talk trash about Masika behind her back.

Now Miss Nikki Baby is making similar accusations.

When Masika hopped on Twitter after the episode aired and called Nikki out for being fake, Nikki posted a video to Twitter of Moniece and Masika talking trash about her in the past.

Nikki claims their discussion is exactly why Masika is a hypocrite and the reason why she feels no need to be loyal to her or Moniece.

Check out Masika’s tweets first (read from bottom to top):

Nikki’s tweets (read from bottom to top):

And here’s the video Nikki retweeted in which Moniece and Masika had a lot to say about Nikki and her dating life:

Masika also made some serious accusations about Hazel-E and her boyfriend Rose Burgundy:

Hazel of course responded with accusations of her own:

UPDATE: Hazel-E, angry from the abuse allegations from Masika, escalated their beef to a new level.

For those that do not remember, it was rumored that Masika’s child was hospitalized earlier this year for allegedly ingesting an Xanax pill. Allegedly, as a result of this incident, the Department of Family and Child Services were called on Masika, launching an investigation into the incident.

Hazel posted the following comment on Instagram:

hazelebabyDon’t ever f****n say my n***a beat me or my mother you can pull his police reports, I’m not you and he’s not young berg who dragged yo ass through a hotel room b***h! But you are a deadbeat, prostitute, porn star of a mother. I got your police records from being arrested in 2003 for prostitution, you might have closed your dcfs case from the public, but that don’t keep you safe. Lie again on me b***h and you won’t be able to 40 yard dash from me. It’s all fair game cuz we at war right! Go check ya baby into rehab with teairra b***h! And keep my name out your f****n mouth!

Check out the posts below.

And of course, Masika did not take this sitting down. In fact, Masika thew her own escalated bomb, alleging that Hazel is infected with a STD. Masika even posted screenshots of emails of Hazel telling someone to go get tested.

Check out her posts below.

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  1. Masika is so annoying. Nobody on that show has real friendships. They all use each other to film because it’s all about keeping those checks coming in. And as much sh-t as she talks about everyone else, she can’t be surprised they are tired of her sh-t and linking up with Alexis. She’s the biggest hypocrite on the show.

    1. But she pretends she’s so unbothered. How can you be unbothered when you literally are going after anyone who doesn’t hate Alexis?

  2. Masika stopped tweeting after Nikki put that video up. It’s pretty obvious the only reason Moniece and Masika are cool now is because they enjoy getting together and talking about everyone else. And when your friendship is based on being fake and talking about other people behind their backs, it’s just a matter of time before you do the same to your gossip buddy.

  3. Masika is such a hypocrite. And she’s the last person that needs to be trying to expose someone for being a victim of domestic violence. She was all over TMZ after Berg laid hands on her. Not only did she stay with him after the fact but she tried to defend him too and said he only did it because he was drunk. This is my issue with her. She projects a lot. Everything she tries to shade other people for she’s done herself.

  4. All of them are fake and opportunists. Masika is just in her feelings because she thought she was a boss on the show but she’s seeing that she’s not even close. Sis ain’t even in the opening credits this season.

  5. Everybody talks bout everybody because these people are paid to be “friends”. Masika knows that sh-t. She’s just mad she didn’t have enough clout to keep Alexis off the show.

  6. Masika annoys me with that damn lisp. And she’s super lame for going to Hazel’s event with those damn earmuffs on. Especially when she could still hear everything.

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