Hazel- E Threatens to Sue Masika + Shows Receipts

Season four of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” just premiered this week, but the drama on social media between the stars has been going on for months.

Hours after Masika posted an email in which it was claimed that Hazel has the clap, Hazel is clapping back and threatening to slap Masika with a lawsuit.

This is of course after Hazel claimed Masika’s daughter allegedly ingested a Xanax pill and had to be rushed to the hospital.

She writes the following caption for the following post:

@masikakalysha now you posted a email hack from 2015 from fake emails from 2009. I’ll post the texts next of you admitting to the hack and helping me find out who did it. But here are all my test results from UCLA b*tch, my kitty good, I can track my p*nis activity but you can not even confirm your child’s paternity. Post your recent health check ups b*tch! I’m not a whore never been my title, but since you hacking emails, that’s a cyber crime, guess we gotta add to your notorious rap sheet. Hope it helps in that Dcfs case. Hope your Sweety Pie trick can keep giving you the money to rent that apartment in Glendale & Cassidy takes your room back for rent. We can keep going b*tch but you’ll have your legal documents soon. We got the same lawyer right, so this is light werk. You are public record so leggo! Just cause you got a fungus Vag, just like with your domestic violence case, stop trying to put your whorish life on me. You want facts here they go????

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UPDATE: Hazel-E is still continuing to show receipts for Masika’s shenanigans. This time, she reposted tea from Fameolous, who reported that Masika new NBA boyfriend hasn’t been very loyal. Apparently, a woman who was messing with the gentleman, sent over a nude photo of the man and one sucking another woman’s toes. The woman also claims he is also involved with a transgender woman at the same time as her and Masika.

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  1. I don’t think Masika thought Hazel would go so hard but she’s definitely not playing with any of these girls this season. I wonder what set her off.

  2. This is beyond ridiculous smh….grown women behaving like high school girls. Hope its worth that for that check they’re getting.

  3. The whole cast is on one this season. I guess Mona told them to step it up if they want to keep their jobs.

  4. Not taking sides but a woman with no children who had to have her v-gina surgically operated on is in no way allowed to throw any shade at the next woman. If you need all that clearly you been ran through. But yall in the same city on the same show why all the social media antics

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