Zell Shaw Drags Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap

Masika Kalysha has been falling out with a lot of her LHHH cast members ever since Alexis Sky joined the show.

She’s no longer on good terms with Nia Riley.

After she tried to call out Miss Nikki baby for befriending Alexis, Miss Nikki Baby exposed her and Moniece on Twitter.

Now she’s at odds with Lazelle Shaw aka Zell too.

Zell hopped on Instagram Live recently to answer questions and he told his followers that he’s no longer friends with Masika because she befriended his enemy and starting throwing shade at him on social media.

He returned the shade of course.

He said:

“These b*tches go from being booked and busy to being bummy and big.”

When one of his followers told him they know Masika from her days in ATL, he responded with:

“She probably f*cked your man if you know her from ATL.”

Even Fetty Wap wasn’t safe:

“Girl, your baby daddy not even popping anymore. That’s why I say Fetty is petty and his wap is about to drop. No one is thinking about him, honey.”

He also responded to Masika saying he’s homeless:

“I had read something that said Masika said I’m a homeless bum. She has a nice apartment at the W. Even though it’s only a one bedroom and she has to sleep next to her daughter and use her little daughter’s clothes for c*m rags. B*tch, don’t play with me. If you want to go there, we can go there, b*tch.”

And when one of Masika’s fans called him out and said Masika is the queen of LHHH, Zell then claimed that Masika is actually on her way out:

“How is Masika a queen? She got on one season, they kicked her off. She had to go find somebody’s sperm to get onto another season and they bout to kick her off again. I might not be a season one b*tch, but she’s a season done b*tch because after this, she’s outta here.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. I think Masika is just getting a dose of her own medicine. Her and Moniece like to get together and talk mess about everybody and people are clearly over them now. I don’t blame them.

  2. Masika thought she was Joseline and making demands she can’t really make. She’s not and never has been the star of LHHH. And this Zell person is actually funny. I could not believe he called Nikki cheapish. Too funny.

    1. Exactly. She is so delusional on Twitter too. Like girl you’re not even a main cast member. Chill out.

      1. Right. And she talks trash about people first and when they respond, it’s “Oh, they are just jealous of me and all their men want me.” Ugh, girl just stop. You came for them first and they came for you back. What’s the issue?

  3. #DEAD at that person who said Masika acts like her baby daddy is Drake. If that ain’t the damn truth!

  4. Zell is a stylist. In fact he’s Keyshia Cole’s stylist. So he’s definitely not broke and homeless. That’s the thing about Masika. She’s so anxious to read people but she projects a lot. She said LHHH is her show but she’s not even in the opening credits this season or in the main cast group pic. She said Alexis just bitter Fetty didn’t claim her but he wouldn’t even claim her daughter. Now she’s saying Zell is a homeless bum but he actually has a career outside of the show and she doesn’t. The projection is real with her.

  5. What did happen to Fetty? He was so hot at one point and now no one even talks about him anymore. He fell off fast.

  6. Social media has people really gassed up. Masika has no room to shade anybody. The same baby daddy she’s bragging about wouldn’t even claim her child. He had her on TV looking like a whole entire fool last season. And to top it off, she’s been demoted this season. It’s time for Masika to humble herself.

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