Masika Kalysha Claims She Dated Fetty Wap, He Calls Her a One Night Stand

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Masika Kalysha is really upset that Fetty Wap’s ex girlfriend Alexis Skyy is now a part of the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” cast.

In fact, she’s ranted about it multiple times on Twitter, and even called out the producers.

When she attempted to explain why the situation is so frustrating on Twitter hours ago, she claimed that she is the one who actually dated Fetty and Alexis was just someone he “spoke to.”

She ended up getting called out for it on Twitter and a past interview with Fetty completely contradicts her story.

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  1. This is straight up embarrassing. What kind of mental illness can one person have that they start believing their own lies? Masika is a nut.

  2. I believe this is why Alexis is doing the show. She wanted to set the record straight and confront Masika, but Masika refuses to film with her because she doesn’t want the truth to come out. A lot of people have forgotten what really happened. And she’s playing that to her advantage. They never dated. She has issues.

  3. Masika projects a lot. She’s also a compulsive liar. It’s crazy to me that she even has fans who keep gassing her lying a-s up all day long.

  4. Most of us who knew Alexis before the show already knew this. It’s the people who didn’t know Alexis before who are believing Masika’s lies. Her lies don’t even make sense. So y’all dated but he didn’t believe the kid was his? She’s a mess.

  5. Masika is not even in the opening credits and got fired after her first season. They only made her a main on season three because Fetty agreed to do that season. Now she’s been demoted back to a supporting cast member, and she’s trying to blame it on Alexis when she couldn’t even get main on her own from the beginning. She wouldn’t even have a storyline if it wasn’t for Alexis because Mona has made it clear that she’s only interested in Masika when Fetty is involved. So she needs to keep it real. Alexis wasn’t hired because of Masika. She was hired because of Fetty, the same reason Masika was even brought back to the show.

  6. This is what happens when you allow social media to hype you up. You lie to get admirers, keep lying to keep them and then pretty soon you start believing your own lies.

  7. Masika is a pretty woman. But her self esteem is even worse than Hazel’s. And that’s the truth.

  8. Lmao at people really believing all that bullsh-t Masika stay tweeting. It’s obvious as f-ck she’s running away from filming with Alexis because she doesn’t want her card pulled.

  9. Masika is straight up lying and she knows it lol everybody knows she didn’t date Fetty Wap he said it himself and denied the baby. I remember seeing one pic of them together when she was trying to promote that wack a-s single with him. But I definitely remember Fetty always being with Alexis because at that time Fetty was real hot and she was always with him. Masika think cause she got that baby people are suppose to forget the truth she was a jumpoff that happened to get pregnant.

  10. What is wrong with these women where as they need to argue over these soon to be broke rappers. They seem to have no respect for these ladies yet they seem to leech on yo them. I don’t understand.

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