Sky Clowns Dutchess’ New Single + Dutchess Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” stars Dutchess and Sky have been clashing plenty since Ceaser and Dutchess ended their engagement.

In fact, both have exchanged some low blows on social media, in interviews and even on the show.

Now it appears as if the bad blood won’t be ending anytime soon.

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  1. I don’t see why Sky thinks she can even be shady. Dutchess is straight regardless of what happens to their show because she owns her own shop. What will Sky do when the show is gone?

    1. Right. How can an employee shade a boss? Sky needs the show. She doesn’t have another hustle. Honestly, the only two who are straight regardless is Cease and Dutchess. The rest of them are on borrowed time.

  2. It doesn’t even sound like she was rapping about anyone in particular. Damn Dutchess can’t even have fun and move on with her life without one of them trying to throw shade. Pressed much?

  3. Everyone wants Dutchess to be pressed but from what I can see, the ones pressed are actually Cease and Sky.

  4. Well I guess Sky is mad. She gave it some light by being so pressed at her listening party for Dutchess LOLOLOLOL.

  5. I’m not understanding this new trend of people going above and beyond to seem unbothered. If you’re really unbothered, you would not even make a reaction video.

    1. Thank you!!! True people will not give coins, shine nor time on something they’re not worried about. Not really a big fan of either women BUT it appears Dutchess has moved on while Sky and Ceaser still holding on.

  6. Sky is so fake to me. She used to kiss Dutchess a-s when Cease was with her. Now she’s trying to shade her every chance she gets. Lame.

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