Power Recap: Tommy Jumps off the Deep End + Angela Has Major Revelation


Power Recap: Tommy Jumps off the Deep End + Angela Has Major Revelation

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Ghost is almost killed by a security guard, Tommy spends the night with Tasha and the kids.

Tommy wakes up from slumber on the couch in Ghost and Tasha’s home. He spent the night as a favor to Ghost. He gets a text message from Keisha who asks him where he is. He apparently was with her the night before but left after she fell asleep. He doesn’t tell her where he is and instead tells her he had to take care of something. She asks if she will see him later and he tells her yes.

Tasha walks in while he’s texting Keisha and asks him to wake up Tariq while she makes breakfast.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s quick workout in the gym goes awry. One of the guards he’s been having trouble with, Williams, places the weight bar on his neck, nearly killing him. He calls Ghost a cop killer and tells him he has no issues crushing his windpipe and killing him like the last inmate.

When Ghost looks up at the camera located in the gym, the prison guard tells him it hasn’t worked in over a year.

“The cameras don’t work son. They ain’t worked in over a year. Too bad, though, if they did, maybe they’d find out how the weights slipped on the last n*gga here.” – Williams

Ghost gasps for air after Williams removes the weight bar from his neck and then walks out the gym.

Angela gets all the blame.

Now that the traffic stop is a thorn in the prosecution’s side, Angela’s colleagues question why she didn’t force them to take it into consideration and actually dropped it when they told her to.

“What the f*ck Angela? Are you actually trying to get the case thrown out before trial?” – Saxe

“I told Angela not to pursue the traffic stop. I told her to let it go” – John

“And this is the one time you listen to the guy in charge?” – Saxe

“Really? – Angela

“Saxe is right. It’s not like you to not go the extra mile, Angela.” – Mike

Mike asks Angela if Ghost told her anything else about the stop and she says he told her that Greg was going to pin the Lobos leak on her.

She thought Ghost was lying.

When Saxe makes another quip about her sleeping with Ghost, she reminds them that she wants Ghost found guilty more than any of them. John then says that’s not good enough and he wants Ghost to get the needle, in which Angie agrees.

After the meeting, John pulls Angie to the side and tells her that Tasha’s gun came back clean and he needs her to go to Tasha and convince her to flip on Ghost.

Ghost learns about Bailey.

While talking to Silver and Proctor, they ask him about Bailey. He tells them he doesn’t know Bailey and they inform him that Dre and Julio were questioned by the feds.

When they ask him what he believes they said, he tells them that they would have most likely said that he was an upstanding guy who likes to help others from the hood like him become legit.

When Ghost says that the truth is he’s an upstanding businessman, Silver smirks and Ghost questions him.

“What?”- Ghost

“Even so, your association with felons years after you left the hood…it will confuse the jury of your intentions.” – Silver

“Well then un-confuse them.” – Ghost

Ghost then explains that he takes people from the hood and gives them “life skills for the real world.”

Silver isn’t convinced but Joe says it’s a good angle to take with the jury.

Ghost asks them about the gun found at Truth and asks for them to have it tossed out. Proctor assures him that is the plan, but Silver warns that it’s a wrap if he ends up being linked to the gun in any way.

Ghost gets angry and questions why Silver is even representing him if he thinks he’s guilty.

Proctor tells Ghost not to make things personal, but Ghost screams that it’s already personal because it’s his life.

Silver then tells Ghost that outbursts in front of the jury will paint him as an angry black man, and it’s downhill from there.

After Silver leaves. Ghost tells Proctor about the security guard, Williams, who almost killed him and about another inmate he killed in the gym. He asks him to look into it . Ghost also asks Proctor to look into the murder of Roberto Solletti when he makes the drop for Tony.

He then tells Proctor he doesn’t trust Silver.

“And what about this Silver guy? You sure you bettin’ on the right man?” – Ghost

“Yes. Look, we’re all in this together. You can trust me.” – Proctor

“I do. I absolutely trust you.” – Ghost

Julio is having more problems in his new position.

Cristobal comes by to drop off the money and Julio questions why he’s showing up late. He tells Julio he went to Domingo’s house to pay his respects and he feels like Tommy took things way too far now that Domingo’s legs are broken.

Julio tells him he will handle it and talk to Tommy.

Cristobal then tells Julio that it doesn’t seem like he’s on the same page as Tommy. Julio tells him that Domingo was disrespectful and Tommy felt the need to handle it.

Cristobal then points out that Julio isn’t getting respect and since Tommy doesn’t trust him, he doesn’t understand why he should trust him either.

Proctor fills Tommy in before the drop for Tony.

Proctor asks Tommy if he’s ever heard of Tony, and tells him that he used to be the leader of the Mosconi family’s hit crew.

Tommy doesn’t know Tony but he knows of the Mosconi family. He mentions that most of the members snitched and went to Arizona, and Proctor tells Tommy that Tony is the one who didn’t snitch.

He then tells Tommy that Tony knows James is Ghost and he knows of Tommy as well.

Proctor tells Tommy he has to drop off the $20,000 every week, and that Tony wanted him to the one to do it.

He also tells Tommy that Ghost wants Tommy to get confirmation that Tony being involved in the hit on Roberto Solletti.

“Tell Ghost I got this.” – Tommy

“What the f*ck is this about?” – Proctor

“Don’t worry about it.” – Tommy

Tommy then leaves to drop off the money.

Angie’s talk with Tasha doesn’t work out in her favor.

Tasha meets up with Angie and Angie tries to explain that since Ghost lied to them both, they need to work together.

Tasha isn’t falling for it, but she loses her confidence when Angie tells her that they offered Ghost a deal to protect her and the kids and he didn’t take it.

“Did Jamie tell you we offered him a deal?” – Angie

Tasha had no idea, but pretends she was in the know.

“Yeah, he told me.” – Tasha

Angie drills in the fact that the deal would have protected Tasha from being charged as an accomplice and he still turned it down. This stings Tasha but she keeps on her poker face.

“He didn’t do it so, why would he take a deal?” – Tasha

“What if he did it, Tasha? What if he killed Greg and he’s willing to risk your life to make sure he walks away? What if he doesn’t care if you go to jail as long as he goes free?” – Angie

Tasha scoffs.

“Yes, he’s a liar. I know that. But so are you.” – Tasha

“I know in your mind I’m your enemy, Tasha. But what if he’s the enemy? What if for every sleepless night I know we’ve both had, for every night wondering where the f*ck he was, what if this is the answer? That he goes down and you and I are the ones who survive?” – Angie

Tasha shakes her head at Angie and walks away.

Tariq gets his share.

Tariq meets up with Kanan for some chill time and some lean, and Kanan gives him a stack for his participation in their last robbery. Tariq is surprised to receive so much money, but Kanan tells him he has to get paid what he’s worth and he’s earned it.

Tariq glances at a young woman across the room talking, and Kanan and his associate, Ray, jokingly make fun of him about it.

They then discuss their next “lick.”

Tommy and Julio have more friction.

Tommy goes by to pick up all the money, and Julio lets Tommy know the only portion missing is Dre’s. This doesn’t sit will with Tommy.

Julio assures him he will handle Dre and not to worry about it. He brings up Tommy running over Domingo, and Tommy makes it clear that he has no regrets. He also tells Julio had he had done his job and checked Domingo’s smart mouth, he would not have had to do anything.

When Julio explains that Tommy’s actions have strained their relationship with Cristobal and he nows has to fix it, Tommy tells him it’s not his problem.

Tommy then asks Julio why he was interviewed by the feds longer than Dre was.

Julio tells him if he was going to snitch, he would have done it in the first five minutes.

“Is Dre telling you this bullsh*t?” – Julio

“I never said nothing about snitching. Just do your job. And if you want to be Distro tomorrow, you get me my club cut by midnight. ” – Tommy

Keisha gets jealous, Tasha begins to question her loyalty to Ghost.

Tasha gives Keisha the rundown about her meeting with Angie as they walk into the penthouse.

When Keisha spots Tommy’s jacket, she questions if it’s a good idea for Tommy to be spending the night there.

“Ghost asked for Tommy to be here.” – Tasha

Tasha then explains that she’s tired of always doing what Ghost wants and she’s uneasy about the fact that he didn’t take a deal to protect her and the kids.

“I mean, Ghost and I are supposed to be in this together, on the same side.” – Tasha

Keisha tells her she needs to start looking out for herself, and Tasha seems to be pondering it.

Julio confronts Dre.

Julio goes to Truth to confront Dre about not showing up at the drop. Dre tells Julio he was just doing some club stuff and he will be at the next one.

He then asks Dre why he told Tommy that he was talking to the feds longer than he was. Dre denies telling Tommy that and assures Julio that they are no longer on bad terms.

They dap up and Julio leaves as Dre rolls his eyes.

Tasha checks Ghost.

She visits him and tells him she knows he was offered a deal.

When he tells her he was but turned it down, Tasha questions why he didn’t talk to her first. She then tells him that Angie offered her a deal but she didn’t take it. However, he better not make any more decisions without talking to her first.

“You and I are in this together but you need to start acting like you know that. You don’t make another decision without bringing me in. Okay?” – Tasha

Meanwhile, Angie tells John that she struck out with Tasha and she doesn’t think breaking spousal privilege will help because Tasha won’t flip on James.

“She’s loyal to him, after everything.” – Angie

They learn Proctor has just filed paperwork to suppress the gun found at Truth.

Dre continues to make things more complicated for Julio.

Cristobal stops by Truth to talk to Dre and find out why he wasn’t at the drop. He asks if everything is ok with him and Tommy, and Dre says that Tommy has been “acting kind of crazy lately.”

They discuss what happened to Domingo, and Cristobal tells him his crew is ready to revolt.

The conversation then turns to Julio, with both expressing that they don’t feel he’s doing a good job as the distro.

“Julio ain’t ready for primetime.” – Dre

Raina finds the money Tariq got from Kanan and when she questions where he got it from, he kicks her out of his room.

Proctor and Silver get another win.

They get the lead detective, Donovan, on the stand and question him about the night Greg was killed.

He tells them he waited for the crime scene techs to arrive and was alone for 40 minutes.

Since he is the lead detective, he confirms he oversaw the team in the investigation of the crime scene. He also says he is the one who collected the gun at Truth. When Proctor points out that he doesn’t like Ghost, he doesn’t deny it.

Proctor also says that it doesn’t make sense that Ghost, a man with no connections to drug dealing, had anything to do with Greg’s murder. He also says that it doesn’t make sense that Ghost’s murder weapon would be poorly hidden at his workplace.

Proctor then accuses Donovan of being the FBI mole and framing Ghost for Greg’s murder and he snaps.

“It was you that killed Greg to protect yourself, and then you planted James St. Patrick’s fingerprints and DNA at the crime scene right before the tech team got there.” – Proctor

“That’s ridiculous!” – Donovan

“You planted the gun at Truth right after having the security cameras turned off, which was genius by the way. You steered the prosecution at every stage. Isn’t that right?” – Proctor

“Objection!” – John

“This is some bullsh*t! I risk my life every got damn day for my job. Motherf*ckers like you are the real reason we can’t ever put the real criminals in jail! Someone needs to shut your motherf*cking mouth!” – Donovan

“That’s quite the temper you have, agent? Are you gonna frame me now, too?” – Proctor

Silver leans over and reminds Ghost about being looked at as angry black man in court.

“You see? Angry black man.” – Silver

The judge says he will make a decision on the gun soon.

“We’re screwed. We need a new way to go.” – John

Tommy makes the drop at Tony’s.

Tommy goes by Tony’s home to drop off the money. Tony’s associate, Sammy, lets him in and invites him to have a seat as he counts the money.

During the conversation, Tommy pushes the limits.

“Tell me what’s the biggest job you’re ever done. You were the guy that ran over the Gotti kid. Nah, you went down to Philly and took out Salvie Testa for Scarfo? Castellano outside Sparks? Am I getting closer here or just talking? Um, David Caccia? Roberto Solletti?” – Tommy

Sammy reacts when Tommy brings up Solletti, and Tony’s wife Connie then comes out to see what’s going on. Connie asks Tommy who he is, and he tells her he’s Tony’s friend.

“My husband doesn’t have any friends.” – Connie

Sammy tells her that Tommy is just leaving before they can finish the conversation.

Proctor calls Bailey.

Proctor calls up Bailey to find out what he knows, but Bailey says he doesn’t want to help Ghost. When he tells Proctor he just wants to clear Greg’s name, Proctor tells him that Ghost doesn’t believe he was the mole either.

Bailey then tells Proctor about the evidence he has against Tommy and they agree to meet at his home.

Tony calls Sammy and asks if Tommy made the drop. He then asks if Sammy thinks he’s who they think he is, and Sammy says.”It’s him.” Connie walks in on the conversation and demands to know who Tommy is. Sammy tells her not to worry about it and focus on getting better. This angers Connie but Sammy leaves before she gets any answers.

Tommy and Keisha have another intimate moment, Tariq impresses Kanan.

Tommy drops by Keisha’s shop to catch up, and she questions why he was there for Tasha and her kids, but not her and her son.

He asks her why she’s upset and minutes later they have s*x inside her shop.

Tariq pulls another lick with Kanan, as he plays video games with his unsuspecting schoolmate. Things almost go left after Kanan’s associate Ray gets too loud. The schoolmate is pondering calling security, but Tariq convinces him not to since they skipped school and are smoking weed. Tariq goes to his schoolmate’s basement to check Kanan and Ray for being too loud and tells his schoolmate that his cat just knocked something over.

Kanan is impressed.

Tommy becomes a problem for Proctor, Tasha gets some more bad news.

Tommy meets with Proctor to give him an update on his drop at Tony’s.

He hands him a note to give to Ghost about what he learned. Proctor then tells Tommy that he’s meeting with Bailey, a Homeland Security Agent, to find out the evidence he has against him. Tommy tells Proctor that he’s going to his house to hear about the evidence, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Proctor drops the note off to Ghost and tells him he’s getting the problematic guard, Williams, transferred. He also tells him that he’s going to meet with Bailey, who he suspects has the Ruiz recording.

Tasha picks up the kids at school and asks the headmaster about what she plans to do about the paparazzi. The headmaster tells Tasha that none of the other students are having a problem with paparazzi, but then again, none of their fathers are being accused of killing a FBI agent.

Tasha scoffs at this and reminds her that they are paying a lot of money to make sure their kids are protected from paparazzi and bullies.

But the headmaster tells her that the check she gave them for tuition for the quarter was returned by the bank due to insufficient funds. If Tasha doesn’t pay up by the end of the week, Raina and Tariq will be suspended.

While Keisha is closing up the shop, the feds come and notify her that it is being closed until further notice. Dre gets the same news at Truth.

Keisha calls Tasha to tell her the news, while Dre calls up Julio.

Unbothered by Tasha rushing to leave the house to go to Keisha, Tariq leaves to meet up with Kanan, not before flipping Raina off with both hands as he hops on the elevator.

Dre updates Kanan, Tariq continues to succumb to peer pressure.

Dre shows up to Kanan’s place to tell him that Truth was closed by the feds. He’s unsure of how he will be able to keep paying him. Kanan tells him it’s not his problem and he better figure out a way to keep the payments coming.

When Dre sees Tariq walk in, he goes to him and tries to talk him into leaving with him. Tariq turns hm down and a disappointed Dre leaves Kanan’s place.

Tariq stays and smokes some weed and Kanan tells him to sleep with the young lady who had his interest prior, She approaches Tariq and takes him by the hand. They walk to a bedroom and it’s assumed that they sleep together (she tells Tariq that Kanan didn’t tell her to do it).

“That boy will never be the same.” – Kanan

Tommy makes a bold move in an attempt to trap Proctor, Ghost shuts down Tony.

Bailey plays the Ruiz tape for Proctor and tells him that Proctor needs to get Ghost to flip on Tommy. He also tells Proctor that Saxe is the only other person who knows of the tape but he hasn’t heard it yet. While they are talking, Tommy walks up behind Bailey and stabs him repeatedly, killing him.

Proctor panics and questions Tommy’s decision.

“Yeah, well now we in this together. We both implicated. So getting Ghost to flip on me ain’t really an option for you no more.” – Tommy

Proctor then tells him that Ghost was never going to flip on him and protecting Tommy is the reason why Ghost even went to Greg’s place. Ghost went to retrieve the tape.

Tommy picks up Bailey’s laptop, but Proctor convinces him to leave it behind so he can figure out if anyone else has a copy.

Tony talks to Ghost after Tommy drops the money off and asks if he can meet Tommy. Ghost tells him no, and lets him know that he knows he killed Solletti and that a new trial would just stress out Connie and possibly kill her.

He also tells Tony that Solletti’s family would love to know who killed him, putting Connie’s life in danger. Ghost says he won’t tell anyone what he knows if the threats stop and he drops his interest in meeting Tommy. Tony angrily agrees.

Proctor is out, Angie has a major revelation.

In a hearing, Proctor and Silver inform Ghost that his assets have been frozen. They tell him that’s not a good sign and the prosecution must have some major intel on him.

It’s later revealed that the prosecution found out Proctor represented Tommy in the past, so it’s a conflict of interest for him to now be representing Ghost, especially since Ghost turned down Angie’s deal.

The judge removes him from the case before revealing that he’s decided to throw the gun out as evidence.

When Proctor tells Ghost this news, he’s very disappointed. But Proctor tells him to place all his trust in Silver, personal feelings aside.

A drunken Proctor later goes to see Angela at her apartment and pleads with her that Ghost didn’t kill Greg. Angela tells him to get lost but later calls up a colleague to get access to the security footage from Ghost’s office at Truth.

She watches the video and sees that on the night of his arrest, Ghost never hid the gun under the bar in his office. She also notices that Mike was the last person to review the footage.

“Holy sh*t. He didn’t hide the gun.” – Angie


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  1. Anonymous

    July 17, 2017 at 9:36 am

    I’m sorry but the writers must think we’re stupid. We are supposed to believe that Proctor as smart as he is didn’t think to look at the video from Ghost’s office but Angie’s dumb a-s does? They are always trying to make her out to be some kind of savior with her hoe a-s. I’m just about over this show!

    • Queen

      July 17, 2017 at 9:40 am

      I have to agree with this. Proctor is the one who would have thought to watch the surveillance video first. Not Angie. The writers jump through hoops and bounds to try to make her likable for some odd reason.

    • Yeah I Said It!

      July 17, 2017 at 9:50 am

      Well y’all bette prepare yourselves because them getting back together is happening. Apparently we’ve been duped to believe this was a crime drama when it’s really just an urban soap opera. LOL.

    • WhatWhat

      July 17, 2017 at 10:30 am

      This. Ugh.

    • Viv

      July 17, 2017 at 12:31 pm

      Oh I knew what was going down after Courtney said Angie would redeem herself this season. This show had so much potential to be one of the greatest, but the writers hard on for Angela continues to hurt its chances.

  2. CiCi

    July 17, 2017 at 9:39 am

    I think this episode was really good. But it seems like they are shaping things up for Ghost and Angie to get back together and I’m not here for it. I really might have to quit the show if that’s what happens. Sorry.

  3. Shannon

    July 17, 2017 at 9:43 am

    I think it could have been a better episode. Tommy was the saving grace. For one thing, Keisha and Tommy are not believable. They just don’t have the chemistry and their scenes together are just blah. And Angie being the one to think about watching the surveillance was just really lame and forced. I still love the show but I’m not understanding the writing this season. Some of it is corny.

  4. Ms. Jackson

    July 17, 2017 at 9:48 am

    I was feeling this sh-t until that wack a-s ending. So Angie is the only one to think of watching the tape? Not Proctor? Not Ghost? Really? Dumb a-s writing. They are trying to make her be the one to save the day and that’s weak as f-ck.

  5. Peachy

    July 17, 2017 at 9:56 am

    If the writers are doing what I think they are, I’m going to start hating this show.

  6. Anonymous

    July 17, 2017 at 9:59 am

    lmao y’all are cutting up on that poll

  7. Valerie

    July 17, 2017 at 10:01 am

    The ending blew me too. And when will Ghost finally get out? I’m ready to see him finally kill Kanan and put Tariq in check.

  8. Honey

    July 17, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Just wake me up when Ghost is free.

  9. Heather B.

    July 17, 2017 at 10:37 am

    I hate that Proctor was taken off the case. He’s so good at his job.

  10. Anonymous

    July 17, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Y’all hate Angie so much that y’all are rating this episode as Terrible? Pressed much?

    • Yeah I Said It!

      July 17, 2017 at 11:13 am

      But you’re the one complaining about a poll. I think you’re the pressed one sweetheart.

  11. Viv

    July 17, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    They stay trying to make Angie be a hero. So over it.

  12. IJS

    July 17, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    It’s not realistic for Angela to be the only person to think of watching the surveillance video. Realistically, Ghost would have suggested Proctor do that as soon as they told him a gun was found. The writers really dropped the ball on the ending.

  13. Ratchet Queen

    July 17, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    I haven’t watched this yet because GoT came back last night and it was dope! But reading the ending has been annoyed. Can we go one season without them trying to make Angie seem like Mother Teresa? LMBO!

  14. Troll

    July 17, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    Tommy is starting to piss me off. Why can’t he just sit his a-s down somewhere? He better not kill my bae Julio I know that much.

  15. Anonymous

    July 17, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Loved it. This season has been so good already and it’s only going to crank up more when Ghost is freed.

  16. Pat

    July 17, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I’m saying this is a terrible episode because why on earth was Proctor thrown off the case but Angela wasn’t? This show is getting dumber each episode.

  17. Anonymous

    July 17, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    I suspect three things: That old man Tony is Tommy’s dad. Julio will be killed and Ghost and Angie will get back together before the season wraps up.

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